How the CCTV camera installation technology works to ensure enhanced home security?

Jan 26


Punit goy

Punit goy

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CCTV or the closed-circuit television works as a system that is widely used for its convenience of enhancing security. The CCTV system works with a camera to record everything, which gives the user access to close monitoring of the area.


CCTV or the closed-circuit television works as a system that is widely used for its convenience of enhancing security. The CCTV system works with a camera to record everything,How the CCTV camera installation technology works to ensure enhanced home security? Articles which gives the user access to close monitoring of the area.

The technology is designed to have a close observation using live footage that quickly develops into a system for recording. This close monitoring enhances the security with an additional back up with proper monitoring. Thus, the usage of CCTV installation is growing in a rapid way. Here is how the CCTV technology works to give you the proper security. Have a look.

How do CCTV cameras work?

The CCTV system works along with a recording device. The whole wiring, camera, video recording device, and drive stays connected in one system that ensures the proper capturing of the live footage. The CCTV technology basically works with the two types of CCTV camera security system. Here are the types.

Analog CCTV security system:

The analog surveillance system works through the connection of the standard camera along with a digital video recorder. The transmission cable connects the entire network.  The digital video recorder works with the receiving of the video from the camera. Then it is followed by compressing and storing the video on the hard drive. This lets the users watch the video live, or it can be saved for watching later.

The set up also comes with the transport of the video through the internet for the remote viewing of the footage. The analog system and the DVR works through the compression, conversion, and storing of the video. Also, the streaming comes with an analog system. Also, it controls the other built-in features of the camera. This capability includes motion detection, notification, alarm input, and the scheduling of the video footage.

IP security system:

The IP system comes with many more advanced facilities than the analog CCTV security system. The IP systems involved the configuration there the camera controls the digital video recording. The functionalities include compression, conversion, and the streaming of the video using an internet connection. Along with this setup, the DVR is not that necessary. You can also use the streaming directly using a personal computer. Also, it works through a network video recorder.

Wired security CCTV system:

The wired security camera uses a cable to transmit the footage and conduct it by putting the proper video surveillance. The signal can go weak in case the transmission range goes above 300 meters. The wired system is definitely cheaper, but the network can disrupt due to the inconvenience in the line. However, the difficulties can be overcome using the networking cable switches and the signal boosts. The wired security CCTV can interconnect more than one camera that can be located through a single monitor.

What are the types of CCTV cameras based on the difference in technology?

In case there are the main two types of CCTV camera installation system, there are various types of camera that use various techniques for security. Here are the several CCTV systems which are available in various categories. Have a look:

Simplified CCTV system:

The simple CCTV system includes a camera that stays connected with a monitor. The monitoring system stays connected using a single coax cable. The camera comes with the powering system from the monitor. The system is not very complex for this one. It includes a very simple system and comparably the most inexpensive system.

CCTV system with mains power:

This CCTV security system works with a very simple yet useful arrangement. It derives the power from the monitor. Both the monitor and the camera get the power separately from the mains system. This set up helps with much accessible and scalable video footage. You can easily add more than one camera to the system. There is no lack of power in the case of adding more than one camera to the same system. 

Recording CCTV system:

This system comes with the capabilities to record the video. The system allows you to preserve the data and enables the monitoring of the footage later. The DVR can be accessed and added through the system for an extra storage capacity. Also, the camera comes with the functionalities to retrieve and transmits the video later as additional coverage for security.

Other components related to the CCTV system:

CCTV technology also uses various other components that are responsible for the storing and accessing of the video. Here are the other devices connected to the CCTV system:

DVR: DVR or the digital video recorder works as the storing device of the video. The DVR captures the footage from the analog cameras and converts it into a digital format with a good and clear resolution while framing it secondly. As the hard disk gets full, the new images record over the older videos.

NVR:  The NVR or the network’s video recorder performs similarly to the DVR. For the IP cameras, the network video recorder gets connected using a network switch or a router. The NVR lets you access the footage easily using a smart device.

Hard disk: The hard disk comes as a useful device for the DVR and the NVR. The hard disk comes with various components that let the recording run 24x7 with better storage capacity.

Display unit: For the CCTV camera installation, the display unit works to give you the live streaming of the footage captured by the security cameras. The display unit for the CCTV system comes with a monochrome screen along with an HD monitor. In case you have an IP camera, you can easily view the footage using a smartphone or a computer using it as a display unit.


While the security installation at home and building gets maximized with the various security deuces, the CCTV cameras are making the system revolutionary. More advanced features like audio recording, motion detection alerting, and smart functionalities are winning the market. The CCTV technology thus helps you to brin