How to Add Watermark to Images

Aug 24


Sam Miller

Sam Miller

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You never know how people would use the images you upload online for their own purpose. Thus, you should know how to add watermark to images, for further protection.

Digital photography has certainly made taking pictures and swapping them easier and faster. All you have to do is upload these digital photos onto a personal website, How to Add Watermark to Images Articles or your blog, for instance, and your friends and colleagues can save these pictures onto their own computers. However, you cannot really ensure the security and safety of your pictures in terms of usage. With the thousands of hackers and infiltrators all over the web, who know just how some of them would use your pictures? Aside from setting the access to your websites to a safe minimum, you should also learn how to add watermark to images. This way, you can take protection a notch higher.

Watermarking is just about the most effective method of protection that you can use for your photos. Moreover, a very simple process is entailed for this endeavor so you will not have a hard time adding watermarks to your images at all. And the first step here is to find watermarking software.

No need to worry here because there are so many applications all over the web that you can easily download. Some are freeware; though some come at a minimal fee as well. The prices here would depend on the features that the software offers. The fewer the features, the lower the price, as presumed. Just for discussion, here are some features offered by the popular software applications in the market right now.

Some applications offer batch watermarking, with the creation of thumbnails. This makes the whole activity easier and faster to handle. There are also some applications that offer resizing, rotating, and cropping of the pictures, aside from batch watermarking. There are also some that offers text features and tiled watermarks. You can even add the date as the watermark image for your photos. The great thing about these applications is that they come with a free trial period, making it easier for you to browse through the features offered for free over a limited period. The usual price range for these applications is from $20 to $30. When choosing which software to get, be sure to check the features in detail so that there would be no room for regrets later on.

Now that you have decided which particular software to get, the next step is to decide which specific watermark to use for your images. Although not necessary, it is actually recommended to utilize the same specific type of watermark for your images.

Generic text watermark. As suggested by the name, your watermark would not have any connections to you whatsoever. You can opt to use "Demo" or "Sample", for instance, just so people would not think of grabbing your photos.

Specific text watermark. The watermark here is more specific in nature. You can use your filename or even the name of your website, for additional advertising. No matter the specific text you use, this will still serve its purpose of protecting your photos.

Date watermark. Of course, it would be the date that is displayed all over the pictures. All though this type of watermark is not used that frequently, it is still very handy in organizing your photos.

Copyright watermark. This is just about the most effective method of watermarking that you can use. Through this watermark, you are telling your viewers that you declare your pictures void from public use.

These are just some of the things you need to remember when you want to add watermark to images. Keep these tips in mind to guide you accordingly.