How To Change PayPal Password On eBay?

Sep 24




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Changing the password is a crucial step in keeping the account secure.


It is a good practice to keep changing your password on a regular basis. Paypal has become a fully owned subsidiary of eBay. If you want to change the password of Paypal on eBay,How To Change PayPal Password On eBay? Articles you need to change the linked password of Paypal account.

Here is how to change your Paypal password:

With the help of enlisted easy steps, you can change Paypal password.

  • Open the Paypal application and go to the Settings.

  • Enter in the Security menu and click on your name.

  • Tap the Update button that is given next to the Password option.

  • Enter and confirm your new password and then click on the Change Password option.

Your password will be changed.

Now, with your new password, you can access Paypal on eBay without any hassle.

After changing your Paypal password, your new password will be updated and you can access Paypal service linked to any application using your currently updated password only.  

If you have trouble in logging in to your Paypal account or you have forgotten your account then do not get hassled. You can easily gain access to your Paypal account if you have any of your recovery options.

You can also contact the customer support and ask for the guidance to change PayPal password. Availing assistance over the phone is the most convenient and instant way as users can easily dial the phone and can resolve the query.

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