How to control the heat preservation time of seamless steel pipes?

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It is not difficult to find in life that the garden fences and staircase handrails that people see are all made of stainless steel pipes.

Seamless steel pipe occupies an important position in the national social economy. Perhaps our friends do not understand it very well,Guest Posting but it has been widely used in petroleum and chemical management and other aspects, bringing a new dimension to people’s lives. Great convenience. Seamless steel pipes are also divided into many categories in my country. Among them, Chinese stainless steel pipes are generally used by students in an ideal living environment.

The stainless steel pipe is small in size, which is convenient for people to install. It also has good corrosion resistance, thereby reducing a lot of unnecessary expenses, especially when it is used as a garden fence, it will not be corroded in a humid environment. Stainless steel pipes also have strong toughness, but this toughness is directly related to the size of the hole diameter.

As a support, the diameter of the stainless steel pipe is usually smaller than the diameter of the guardrail. Therefore, my friends purchase seamless steel pipes according to my needs during the purchase process. Straighten the seamless steel pipe, stop the initial inspection and blow soot, and determine the cutting head and tail length. The purpose of seamless steel pipe cutting is to clean up the cracks, scars, scars, tears and uneven wall thickness of the pipe end to obtain the required length of seamless steel pipe inward fold, internal scarring, and severely uneven wall thickness.

The joint cutting line is stopped before the operation, and then the holding time by cutting off should ensure that the steel is completely burned through the furnace. The heat treatment time of the seamless steel pipe holding can be controlled. During the disposal process, the average temperature should be completed to get an average structure and Some organizational changes in performance. The normal progress of the heating temperature can appropriately shorten the holding time. When the low-temperature annealing stops (including softening, stress relief and recrystallization annealing), the annealing temperature is closer to the critical point A1, the seamless steel pipe responds faster, and the elimination of work hardening effect is more complete, and therefore, the holding time can be appropriately shortened.


Tips:astm a53 steel covers seamless and welded steel pipe with nominal wall thickness. The surface condition is usually black and hot-dipped galvanized. ASTM A 53 is produced mainly for pressure and mechanical applications, and is also used for transport of steam, water, gas line pipes.

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