The difference between different specifications of straight seam steel pipe

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There are many types of steel pipes, which can be divided into straight seam steel pipes and spiral steel pipes according to the welding method. Because the two steel pipes have different welding methods, the performance is also different. 

According to the different uses of the steel pipe,Guest Posting the welded pipe can be subdivided into the following types: General Welded pipes, wire casings, automotive pipes, oxygen-blowing welded pipes, etc. There are many classifications of steel pipes in practical applications, so I won't list them all here.


General welded pipe: The main function of general welded pipe is to transport some fluid. In the manufacturing process, general welded pipe is made of low carbon steel, which is easy to be welded by electric welding. This steel pipe should meet the specifications of thickened steel pipe. The nominal pressure pipe should be pressured and bent. In order to pass such tests, the manufacturing process and quality of general welded pipes are required. Although the delivery length of general welded pipes is 4 to 10 meters, it is not fixed and can be adjusted according to customer needs. With the continuous development of modern welded pipe technology, the quality of straight seam steel pipes is getting better and better. At present, straight seam steel pipes can replace most steel pipes and have many applications in engineering.


Metric welded pipes: Metric welded pipes have the same specifications as stainless steel pipes. Metric welded pipes are based on ordinary carbon steel, high-quality carbon steel or low-kinetic energy modified alloy steel, and then adopt hot and cold strip electric welding, or use hot strip and electric welding technology It is made by welding and cold drawing.


Spiral welded steel pipe: The high carbon steel strip is cold rolled into a tube blank according to the helix angle (called forming angle) that can be set by the general structural steel or low alloy structure, and then the pipe joints are welded together to make a large straight seam steel pipe , Spiral welded pipe is suitable for petrochemical transportation, and its specifications mainly depend on the type of steel pipe. Spiral welded pipe has single-sided and double-sided welding and front and back welding. The welded pipe should ensure welding and pressure test, and the design requirements of good compressive strength and cold drawing performance.


Note: astm a53 pipe is a general, all-purpose pipe used in generator plants, refineries, compressor stations, natural gas transmission, and steam conduction. It is acceptable for welding, flanging, and bending.

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