How to Keep Your Android Apps from Lagging

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Apps on your device can also work slow due to various reasons.You can follow these steps

Applications were introduced to mobile phone devices to make the life of common user easy. These apps offer a variety of services and cover almost every digital aspect possible. You can use these apps to make your work easy and instant. In fact,Guest Posting these apps have changed the way people used to work on mobile phones. A lot of elaborate services have been concise with these short apps offering the plethora of services. Despite having lot of benefits, the excess accumulation of apps on a mobile device can limit the performance of the device. Thus it becomes important to optimize these apps for better mobile performance. Let’s discuss some of the ways here.

Uninstall unnecessary apps: This is an important step to optimize the speed of your Android device. Remove all unnecessary apps from your device. It will not only release some precious storage space but it will also improve the performance of the device. As certain apps also run in the background thus they occupy RAM, by removing such old unnecessary apps will release the RAM memory as well. Better RAM availability will allow other apps to work efficiently. To remove old unnecessary apps, go to Settings > Application Manager/Apps. There you will find the list of all apps installed on your device. Select the app which you don’t want anymore and click on “Uninstall” to remove that app.

Close applications running in the background: Apps doesn’t close simply by pressing back button you need to close them from running in the background. To close these apps, press the multi-window button on your device, generally located on the bottom left of the screen. For some devices, you need to press and hold “Home button” or Physical button for same results.

There are two ways to close apps from multi-window screen:

  • Click on “Clear All” at the bottom of the screen.
  • To close them one by one, place a finger over the app and slide it to one side.

You can also go to Settings > Application Manager/Apps. There you can find the Running applications and to close applications one by one you need to click on “stop”.

Following these steps, you can stop the applications running in the background to release some RAM. This way you can allow other apps to perform well with additional RAM.

Clear cache for the individual app: Cache files help you access and load particular app or program easily. But accumulated cache data creates speed and performance issues with apps. It is a good idea to delete cache data from the app. To delete this cache data, go to Settings > Application Manager/ Apps. There you need to open individual apps to clear cache.  This way you can clear a lot of occupied space.

One good way to optimize your Android device for better performance is to take the help of technology. Use Systweak Android Cleaner to boost and optimize your Android device. This app works as an Android cleaner, app manager and a battery saver at the same time.

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