How to Prevent loss of data in NAS Data Storage Devices?

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No matter how much storage our computer provides,Guest Posting we are always in search of more storage.


At homes we usually tend to have smaller devices for storage but small businesses or massive enterprises have loads of information and data to store which they do using different types of storage devices.


One such storage device is NAS.


Network attached storage or NAS is a storage device  which is similar to 'Document Server' associated with the organization through which an approved client can store and recover information and data.


Lately Small businesses, big enterprises and individuals , all have been found to own RAID based NAS for storage.


The main reason behind this is RAID based NAS are easily available, cost effective and pocket friendly and provide a good range of storage.


RAID based NAS permits clients to add or eliminate hard drives from it according to the necessity.


Though, there are many reasons why you should opt for a RAID based NAS , there is also an inevitable truth about using it.

That is the fact that such NAS ,even though having so many benefits, fail and lose all their data after some point of time.


Reasons behind falling of RAID based NAS :-



Power failing to meet the demands i.e., power failure


Overheating and Improper shutting down of device


Ransomware virus infection or Malware assault


Inaccurate arrangement or User Error


Operating system mistakes


Equipment regulator or server failure


Framework Failure, Multi disk failure


And in most outrageous cases, Physical harm


Hard drive damage - more often than not hard drives fail due to some mechanical damage and rest of the times it's because of misuse.

The parts of a hard drive gets worn out and the situation even gets worsened if more than one hard drive fails. In such cases the NAS board will get damaged.



A malfunctioned RAID based NAS won't be useful for long and might stop functioning after a while.

The only way left to get access back to the NAS is by formatting the system and the installed secondary storage units.


It is required by the user essentially to reconfigure everything on the harmed RAID based NAS storage device to make it work once more.


Such cases are the worst case scenarios where there are 100% chances of losing all the data and having your entire set up destroyed.


However, in such circumstances comes Lifeguard data recovery services.

Here, we Will be telling you how you can restore the lost data due to failure of the RAID based NAS configuration.


Everything about NAS data recovery :-


Honestly, data recovery from a failed NAS is not simple.

But with the right tools and technicians, it's possible and doesn't seem so difficult either.


Lifeguard data recovery services come with unique softwares and techniques meant only to restore the data that is lost from the RAID based system due to any reason.

They help to restore data from any failed or corrupt or misreading RAID of any level 0,1,5,6 etc.


The tool upholds the recuperation or recovery of NAS stored files from various merchants, for example,

 Buffalo LinkStation and Terastation, Iomega StorCenter, Synology, LaCie, QNAP and other Linux-based NAS devices.



Final note :-


It's always a wise decision to have a backup of all your files to be prepared for any kind of mishap.

But just in case, you're in a situation where you lost all of your NAS data , you can trust on lifeguard data recovery services anytime.






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