How to Reduce Large Size Outlook PST Files?

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This blog explains the need to check the PST data of Outlook. Here, we have shared manual methods to reduce Outlook mailbox size. But, these methods cannot help if you want speedy results. So, make use of a promised solution with Cigati PST Splitter to resolve the Outlook PST file too large error within a few moments.

Outlook mails size increased,Guest Posting and now you want to know how to reduce Outlook mailbox size? If you are unable to work on Outlook PST file too large, then you are at the right spot! This blog will share methods to help you manage or reduce the large size of Outlook PST files.

There is hardly any person not knowing Outlook these days. Outlook Webmail uses file1.PST and file2.OST files to save all your email information. The OST and PST Outlook data files include all your emails (both sent and received), contacts, calendar appointments, tasks, and notes, as well as their associated file attachments. The more you use Outlook for emails, the larger your mailbox can grow. The size of PST files increases more with the number of attachments added to it.

After reaching the maximum Outlook PST file size limit, you cannot work on Outlook as it does not have enough space. Even after emptying the Deleted Items folder, or have it automatically empty when you exit Outlook, the occupied space in the data file is not released. You can, however, reclaim that space by minimizing your Outlook data file with manual methods.

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Methods to reduce Outlook mailbox size

The manual repairing of Outlook PST file too large involves the following three steps. They are to be done one after the other.

Step 1: Check your account and delete unwanted things

Before doing the compacting process, you can go through Outlook and delete all that is no longer required. You can examine how big your various folders are, so to know items will free up the most space. Now, to do that, 

  1. Pick out the Inbox (or any other folder) in the account (Outlook data file) you want to compact and click the “File” tab. 
  2. On the current screen, click “Tools” and select “Mailbox Cleanup” from the drop-down menu.
  3. On the Mailbox Cleanup dialog box, tick “View Mailbox Size”.
  4. The Folder Size dialog box opens up to show you the size of each folder in the currently selected account. Scroll through and see the bigger folders, where you might want to delete items. When you’re done, then click “Close”.
  5. Now, with a click on “View Deleted Items Size”, see the size of the Deleted Items folder.
  6. Even if the Deleted Items folder is not huge, we should empty it anyway before compacting our data file. 
  7. Tick on “Close”, and you return to the Mailbox Cleanup dialog box.

To delete more items from your account, tick “Close” to return to your account. Pick up any emails, calendar, tasks, and notes items you do not need and press Delete. 

Step 2: Empty the folder of deleted Items

 There are two ways you can empty the folder if still Deleted Items folder has items in it. 

  1. The first method is by clicking “Empty” on the Mailbox Cleanup dialog box if that is still open. 
  2. That opens up a confirmation dialog box, displays making sure you want to permanently delete the items in the Deleted Items folder. Opt with “Yes”.

If the mailbox is not open:

  1. Another method is you can also empty the Deleted Items folder directly in your account on the Mail pane.
  2. To do so, ensure the mail pane is active. If not, then press Ctrl+1 to open the Mail pane.
  3. Next, right-click on the Deleted Items folder image in the account you want to compact and select “Empty Folder” from the popup menu. The same confirmation dialog box, used in the 1st method, displays.

Step 3: Compact Outlook file data

After deleting items you do not want and emptying the Deleted Items folder, it is time to compact your Outlook data file. To do that:

  1. Start in the main Outlook window, click the “File” tab again.
  2. Check if your Account Information screen is active. If not, then:
  1. Check on “Info” in the list of items on the left. 
  2. Pass your cursor on “Account Settings” and then select “Account Settings” from the drop-down menu.
  1. On the Account Settings dialog page, click the “Data Files” tab.
  2. Pick out the Outlook data file you want to compact in the list and then click “Settings”.
  3. If the currently selected account is a POP3 account (.pst file), the Outlook data file dialog box is shown. Here, Click “Compact Now”.
  4. A dialog box shows the progress while the Outlook data file is compacted.
  5. Later, you are returned to the Outlook Data File (or Outlook Data File Settings) dialog box. Opt with either “OK” or “Cancel” to close it.
  6. On the Account Settings dialog box, click “Close”.

As you complete the process, you will free up space. 

But, as you can see, the manual method involves such a large number of steps. But, what if we got a quicker method to reduce Outlook mailbox size?

Quick solution: Reduce Outlook mailbox size with PST Splitter

The Manual method to reduce the Outlook mailbox size requires you to follow a tedious series of steps, followed one after another. But, many times, you do not have so much time. In such a scenario, you can opt for a reliable Cigati PST Splitter. With it, you can split a PST data file into smaller Outlook PST files in a safe mode. You can use it to divide oversized PST files effortlessly and with accurate results.

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