How to Use and Add Free Tracfone Minutes

Feb 23


Marc Willis

Marc Willis

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Using free tracfone minutes is super simple to do and very easy to find on the web. These promotions can be used as much as you like and will save you money.

Free tracfone minutes are easy to add and use with your prepaid cell phone.  When you are looking for additional airtime,How to Use and Add Free Tracfone Minutes Articles be sure to acquire free tracfone bonus minutes.  This will help you save money and get the most free tracfone minutes for every dollar.The purpose for most people of buying a pay as you go phone is to manage their talk time and any overage charges they might have received with a larger carrier.  Most people switch over to a pay as you go phone once they receive a cell phone bill for several hundreds of dollars.  You cannot get a bill from Tracfone because you preload the phone with talk time and when the minutes are gone, the phone shuts off.  Always look for free tracfone minutes when you want to add minutes to tracfone.  The web is the best place to find free airtime because there are so many codes for tracfone minutes that will give you more minutes than you plan on buying.  You can always compare the prepaid cards with online offers and you will see the web is the most cost effective way to buy.  You can usually double the minutes you purchase.  This means that it is better to buy more minutes because if you buy 100 minutes and get 100 free, it is more talk time than purchasing 50 minutes and getting 50 free.  Always choose what you can afford but the option that is the most cost effective too.Once you purchase time and minutes, you will need to load them to your phone.  Some sites will give you a code to enter into your phone and the minutes will display on the phone in a few minutes.  If you buy your minutes through tracfone then you will have an option to immediately add them to the phone or not.  If you want to add minutes to your tracfone right away, the best option is on Tracfone’s site.  If you receive a promotional code for free minutes then you will need to use it when you purchase airtime for your phone.  If your minutes roll over into the next month, there will be a date you need to add more airtime.  Even if you don’t think you will use all of the minutes within the month, you still are required to add more time.  Tracfone bonus minutes allow you to get the most minutes for free and pay for as little as possible.There is a code you will need to type in when you receive free tracfone promotional minutes.  The code can be typed directly into your phone or used on the web.  You can also call the 800 number on the phone to use the promotional code also.  When you are not using your cell phone directly to add free tracfone minutes, you will be required to enter in your cell phone number so the free time can be added to the phone.  Adding additional airtime is super simple.  Just be sure you use promotional codes to save as much money as possible.