How to Use LinkedIn Automation to Find Ideal Prospects? Best Tried & Tested Techniques

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LinkedIn has become so popular in the B2B world. Everyone seems to create an account on LinkedIn and why not? It’s the largest professional network that has 760 million+ prospects belonging to 150+ industries. No doubt it’s the ideal platform for lead generation but how to find the most relevant leads out of 760 million users?

A simple answer is with the help of the best LinkedIn automation tools.

A lot of people think that automation causes spam and why to use LinkedIn automation tools when you can do tasks manually. 


Why Not Find & Reach Out to Prospects Manually?

The latest LinkedIn automation tools are used to automate activities including searching profile visiting,Guest Posting data collecting, sending connection requests and messages, follow-ups, etc. Sure, these tasks can be performed manually but only on a small scale. 


When it comes to searching through millions of profiles to find thousands of prospects and collect data about them, doing them manually will take a lot of time while giving slow outcomes. 


Let’s take an example to help you understand better:

Let’s suppose you make a keyword search “B2B marketing strategists in New York.” You will get thousands of results and searching through each profile will take you a week if not some days.

Picture this: You will need to go through each profile, check if it is suitable for you, collect data about it, write a personalized note or messages, and more. It will consume all your time and energy so why use a LinkedIn automation instead that can search through thousands and millions of profiles in a short time?

LinkedIn automation tools save you a lot of time and perform activities faster and with much more efficiency. 


Best Techniques to Use LinkedIn Automation to Find Prospects

  1. Filter Your Target Audience                                                                                            No doubt that you can use LinkedIn’s basic filter to find people, but they give very limited results. If you want to get more precise and relevant profiles, you should use an advanced LinkedIn automation tool or LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

LinkedIn tools come with amazing filters and Boolean operators to help users connect with the most potential prospects. 


  1. Take Advantage of LinkedIn Groups

    LinkedIn groups are very useful. A single active group can get you a number of qualified leads, but you should know how to play the cards right. Select an active and relevant LinkedIn group that has a good number of members. Join the group, interact with people, comment on posts, answer questions, and establish your reputation as an industry expert. 


To fully leverage the potential of LinkedIn groups, use a LinkedIn automation tool to scrape out members' profiles from the group and then assign them to a campaign. This way, you can generate a list of the most potential prospects and target them with the right message. 


  1. Scrape LinkedIn Posts

    A relevant post that has a high engagement rate can be a good source of leads. You will find so many relevant and popular LinkedIn posts where a number of users have commented or like them.

    You can use the latest LinkedIn automation tools to target a particular LinkedIn post and scrape out profiles of people who have liked or commented on it.

    These are the people who have similar interests to you and can be your potential clients in the future. You can scrape their profiles and assign them to a highly personalized campaign. 


LinkedIn is an ideal platform for lead generation but you need the right LinkedIn automation tools to find your ideal prospects.
Using these tools, you can find your ideal leads in a short time. It will take your burden off and save you a lot of time that can be used to maintain your core business activities.

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