How Wafer Automation and Stage Repair can Increase the Productivity of the Equipment?

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The Kensington Laboratories' stage repair, wafer handling robots, and wafer automation are crafted in a way to lessen the downtime and increase productivity. Consult our team if you are really interested in proceeding with such a method.

Are you thinking about increasing productivity with the wafer handling robots?

You must know that the wafers in the 300mm semiconductor fabrication facility are carried away by the Workshop 1 carriers,Guest Posting which are known as front opening unified pods (FOUPs). Note down that the primary performance measure is better known in the work-in-process (WIP) with the circumspect cycle time. The batch tools such as the order arrival rate, the average order size, batching policy, and automated material handling system, and the number of others in the different sequence significantly impact the models' performance.

You know there are improvements in the defined methods, which are relentlessly made out in the semiconductor fabrication facility. Those methodologies indulge the rise in the exertion of the resources, scheduling the lots, and examining the optimal batch size to contemplate the fab efficiency while moving with the never-ending process of the short cycle time. There are so many research studies that have been conducted to the cycle in knowing the optimal lot and the batch size.

The wafer carriers' capacity conducts the standardized lot sizes under certain conditions. As per the order size, the wafer carriers would not be filled up to the maximum degree. Naturally, the standard capacities of the FOUP are around 25 and 13 wafers. So, the specific time which a lot has to wait for can be easily processed by it over the tool lessens as the lot size dives down. It can also minimize the total wait time for each lot, after all diminishing the cycle time.

With the diminishing of the lot size, more nuanced and more regulated batching is possible with the batching tools. It describes total tools' capacity according to the lots and is inverse with the lot size. The lessen batch size control get rises as the lot size minimizes. It also reduces the tool's starvation possibility, and further, the downstream tool has to wait for a lot to reach. This kind of argument tells about a smaller lot size is beneficial. The number of setups gets inclined with the large cycle time and the drop in the lot size, so the wafer would remain consistent. The small lot size carries more and more lots to get transmitted with a number of lot movements. It increases the load on the AMHS. The lot at the tool's waiting time is the implementation of the queue length on the tool group. You know the number of practical issues that indulge step-ups and downs in the order rates, tool downtimes, the processing time, as well as the AMHS behavior. It all makes the validity of the above-mentioned argument to get to implement it further.

What expectation can we keep from the wafer handling automation?
  • Finely chemical distribution
  • No more meters needs
  • Best quality
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Low energy consumption
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy loading and filling
  • Customized controls
What are the primary reasons for the effectiveness of wafer handling?

There are stage repair services, which are widely-known and influential automatic motion controller products that can fetch the robots' advantage without any issues. When it is about minimizing the optimized capital investment and the obsoleteness, these devices show up with the matters on the heat and noise. Although you will receive lots of stage repair systems in the market itself, the manufacturing equipment by Kensington Laboratories is the most used one. It also shows up the most customized solutions and implements a better range of speed.

When you connect to Kensington Laboratories, you can easily check out the 300mm FOUP of secured wafer handling. The robots get processed with the optical sensing device to have an eye at their functionality as well as the environment. It is also utilized in analyzing whether the wafers are made to be at the perfect place. The Kensington Laboratories' stage repair, wafer handling robots, and wafer automation are crafted in a way to lessen the downtime and increase productivity. Consult our team if you are really interested in proceeding with such a method.

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