Important to Adopt Data Recovery as a Service and not a Task

Jun 6


Ravi Chawat

Ravi Chawat

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Commercial and the industrial sectors have witnessed a massive expansion in recent years owing to economic growth and advancements in technology. The evolution of technology coupled with the growing awareness regarding the same have boosted the growth of several industrial domains including aerospace, automation, medical, IT, and construction. Further, technology has taken over several industries in the current scenario.


Data protection and security has emerged as one of the most important component of an enterprise. Today,Important to Adopt Data Recovery as a Service and not a Task Articles the growing volume of data has made data backup and recovery one of the biggest challenges worldwide. Data loss is a growing concern amongst small, medium and large business enterprises. Data that is not easy to protect is stored in hybrid clouds and as big data. Multiple market players are engaging in the development of advanced protection tools to reduce the costs.

The growing adoption and awareness regarding cloud computing and software-defined data centers has boosted the growth of data protection as a service market. The need for data protection has led to the evolution of data protection as a service in recent years. A market research report published recently by Allied Market Research offers valuable insights related to the data protection as a service market such as the market share, size and growth. Further, the report also includes the current trends, growth prospects and the upcoming advances in the industry.

The current challenges in the industry

In the last decade, backup and recovery has been one of the most challenging tasks for multiple companies. Backup and recovery is time-consuming and this is a major drawback. Several industrial players are reluctantly seeking time-efficient and reliable data protection services. There are several factors that are hindering the progress of data protection currently.

Factors that affect the backup industry include:

  1. Data backup does not add any tangible value to the company and is could be considered as an insurance.
  2. Backup is not a cheap. It is an expensive insurance and for each dollar that is spent on primary storage, around 50 to 60 cents are spent on backup and recovery. The major share that is spent goes to CAPEX and the annual cost of maintenance is also high. 
  3. The overall framework of backup is complicated and experts are not taking risks to disrupt the complex nature of the current backup scenario in the industry. 
  4. Progress in the data backup is slow compared to the pace of data growth and unstructured data hints at additional files, wikis, videos, email attachments and SharePoint documents. 
  5. Businesses are seeking improved service levels and are pushing for IT to advance towards “cloud” technology. Currently, organizations can arrange a server and launch new business practices immediately. Thus, as business expands and becomes fasters, the speed of backup needs to stay in par as users want their data instantly.

Evolution of backup

Technology has taken giant strides in the last couple of decades. The constant progress of technology has played a crucial role in the progress of several industrial domains. New technology allows virtualization and cloud computing integrated with the idea of incremental backups by using snapshots. Companies are changing their approach towards backup and recovery. Today, companies are shifting to a model in which a VM admin, Oracle DBA or a Microsoft IT Pro that has access to a large volume of data and create a backup for a specific application. The new concept demands innovative idea for data protection where the backup includes associated components of a service. In the current scenario, majority of the companies want to transition backup from a task into a service. This means that instead of sidelining backup to an application deployment, it should be a crucial component of a business process. Application executives or business professionals should have an alternative to consume data protection as a service in which the major attributes of a service are customized as per the need of a business.

There are several factors that will play an important part to transform backup from a task to a service. Consistent, space efficient snapshot concept is a technological breakthrough for backup as it enables incremental snaps to be taken periodically throughout the day. Today, several agents are controlled and are a part of the backup software. IT firms must set objectives and map backup into the upgrade plans. The fundamental component of the plan should be data protection and the objective should involve simplifying the process and design. Companies must identify how data recovery and protection can play an important part in avoiding losses and create a fast and efficient framework.

The data management as a service market will witness a healthy growth rate in the next few years owing to advancement in technology and increasing adoption of new concepts for data backup. The market is thriving in the developed markets including the U.S., the UK and Germany owing to technological advancements in this sector. Several companies are focusing on developing cost-effective and fast data backup procedures.