Information Technology and Business: Necessity or Luxury?

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Ever since information technology was first used in conjunction with business, the debate arose concerning the importance of this integration. Many argue that IT systems are not necessary for the survival of businesses, but in fact are imperative for their growth, while there is another side that argues the exact opposite of this statement. This article aims to clear list down the benefits that having technology at a workplace can have on the business and the eventual growth of the company using very simple terms. Our conclusion is that rather than being just a necessity, if used cleverly IT can mold the direction of your company

The business world has changed drastically over the past few decades. This is because a new technology or a new economy has been generated known as e-commerce. The premise of e-commerce is to sell things online without the limitations of geographical boundaries and generate revenue by reaching out to a much larger and wider audience. This has its roots in the incorporation of Information Technology systems in regular businesses and the growth hence,Guest Posting caused by it. There are many who will argue that IT does not really contribute to the growth of any organization, but is in fact, a necessity for the survival of any company in today’s world, labeling IT as providing a minimal and necessary competitive edge for most companies.

There are many ways that having an IT system benefits your company. The primary benefit that technology yields is bridging the communication gap. In an earlier, simpler time, companies could not expand properly or overseas because there was no way that they could efficiently communicate over a greater geographical distance. Technology allows us many helpful functions as video conferencing, electronic mail, virtual offices, etc. that allow companies to expand without changing their head-quarters. At a micro scale, communication is helped by connecting all employees through efficient e-mail systems and virtual conferencing. It also provides for clarity and multi-tasking as a single piece of information can be circulated simultaneously between multiple parties. The second most important thing for a company is the human capital that they are investing in. Technology makes it much easier to hire and streamline individuals, keep employees connected and conduct important tests.

Technology also helps a business advertise their job openings using various websites and networks on the internet. It also helps companies match a required or an optimal fit as a potential candidate with the job openings that are provided. Another important thing that IT has managed to do is saves lots of precious time, which was earlier wasted by manual labor in terms of filing, typing, writing, etc. There are also many IT companies in Dubai that exist for the sole purpose of setting up IT systems and networks for companies that require it. This means that IT is being offered as a professional service that is now handled by external professionals.

Another important role that IT plays in today’s business world is that it promotes cost effectiveness. Since almost everything on the Internet is free and does not require actual, physical presence, it eliminates the need for employees to travel to other cities to promote business. It is true that a lot of businesses are being shifted to Dubai because of tax leniency and in return, there are also some very able IT companies in Dubai that comply and provide thorough and extensive help to give a company better sales. In the end, spending a lot of money on IT systems does not guarantee a growth in business; however, using IT systems efficiently and smartly does inevitably promise a growth in capital and business.

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