Launch Uber For X Clone App Development and maximize your On-demand Home Service Revenue

Jul 7


Sherly Dazz

Sherly Dazz

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If you have a dream of starting a business venture and make incredible profits, Uber for X clone solutions can be the ideal way to make it out!


With the changing trend in the world of applications,Launch Uber For X Clone App Development and maximize your On-demand Home Service Revenue Articles there are currently a variety of apps that provide us multiple services in one single app. One of them is the Uber for X clone app. This app offers a variety of mind-blowing services to its users at their ease and convenience. Whether the customer wants to eat delicious meals or go on a vacation outside of town, the Uber for X clone makes everything possible in few taps.


If you’re an entrepreneur looking for a way to make a hit in the on-demand market, then Uber for X clone script would be the right choice for you. So, before getting on with Uber for X clone app development, lets us take a look at certain aspects of it.


What Are The Services That Can Be Offered In Your Uber For X Clone?

Offering highly demanded services increases the revenue for your business. In that way, some of the most commonly sought services among customers are,

  • Uber for Beauty
  • Uber for Healthcare
  • Uber for Tutor
  • Uber for Tow truck
  • Uber for Massage
  • Uber for Pharmacy
  • Uber for Courier
  • Uber for Alcohol
  • Uber for Fitness trainer
  • Uber for Laundry
  • Uber for Home services
  • Uber for Car washing
  • Uber for Bike taxi


Working Process Of Uber For X Clone

  • Users can download the app and register themselves on the app giving their login credentials.
  • Once after getting into the app, users can find all categories of services from which they can select the type of service they need
  • Notifications are sent to the nearby service providers to intimate the booking made by the customer, which they can choose to accept based on their convenience.
  • After availing themselves of the service, the users can make payments via the app.
  • The customer can give ratings and reviews for the service provided to them.


What Are The Chief Differentiating Features To Include In Your Uber For X Clone Scripts?

  • Simplified login that enables the user to access the app at a tap of their social media accounts
  • Schedule bookings enable users to book for the service at a particular date and time.
  • Google maps integration
  • Multiple payment options
  • Cost estimation and ETA
  • Customer Feedback and so on.



Enriched with immersive features and attractive UI, TurnkeyTown offers an extravagant Uber for X clone script to propel your business efforts. Our white-label solutions allow you to rebrand with your brand name and logo, making your app unique from others. If you’re interested in knowing more, feel free to contact us.


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