MACE Wireless Home Security System Review

Oct 20


Jim Wilkinson

Jim Wilkinson

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We all know how when we come across a product that really works well we are enthusiastic to tell others. Well, that is the case with the MACE Wireless Home Security System. I am sure there are other alarms that work as well but this one is impressive.

The article describes my experience with installing this unit for a friend. I hope it helps you in your decision process of buying a home alarm system.

I had the opportunity to set up and install a MACE Wireless Home Security System recently for a customer that has an aging mother living next door to he and his wife. Their concern, MACE Wireless Home Security System Review Articles rightfully so, was the possibility of her getting up in the middle of the night and falling and not being able to get to a phone to call for assistance.

The MACE Wireless Home Security System consists of a motion activated alarm, a door/window sensor, a remote "Panic Alarm" and the control unit.

The customer's main interest was the capability of the "Panic Alarm" as he intends to have his mother keep it with her at all times, either pinned to her clothing, on a key chain or attached to her bracelet.

When the remote "Panic Alarm" button is pressed the control unit will automatically dial his cell phone and up to four other phone numbers if he wishes.  They can then rush over to her house and give assistance. The set up was very easy.

I tested the distance that the remote control "Panic Alarm" would activate the auto dialer and it worked great from over 100' away, through concrete walls!

Some of the nice features of the MACE Wireless Home Security System are that if the "Panic Alarm" is activated the person called has the option of listening in on what is going on at the location, speaking to whoever is there through the main control unit, or disarming the system.

Also included with this Mace Wireless Home Security System is one Motion Detector and one Contact Alarm for doors and windows. We did not install those at the customer’s mother’s house as he was afraid she would be tripping the alarm all the time. However, I did install them temporarily and they both work great. The motion detector unit detected motion up to about 25’ and set off the alarm and the contact alarm did the same. What is nice is that you can add multiple motion alarms or contact alarms to this system at a nominal cost.

The motion activation alarm, the Panic Alarm and the door/window sensor Alarm will activate the alarm Main Unit which then auto dials any phone numbers you choose, up to a total of 5. The main unit itself emits an ear piercing siren which can deter any possible burglar. If you do not want the VERY LOUD audible alarm to sound you can set it to “Silent” so that the automatic phone dialer calls the numbers you entered without alerting the intruder.

If you are looking for an alarm system for your home this is the one to buy. I would HIGHLY recommend the MACE Wireless Home Security System!