Media solutions for broadcasting, featuring HD & SD time delay servers & 3D broadcast monitoring

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Want to broadcast top quality image and audio sequences? Here is a rundown of just some of the best technology on the market.

For high quality broadcasting you need to ensure you have the latest video and audio equipment from a well established,Guest Posting reliable supplier.

Successful suppliers of specialist broadcast media equipment stock the latest digital technology from top manufactures such as Marshal Electronics, Doremi Labs, 360 Systems and Radiant Grid.

The latest media solutions on the market include:

3D Converters & 3D Broadcast Monitors

For a complete 3D media solution and to support the growth and expansion of 3D technology, you need to ensure you have a good quality set of 3D broadcast monitors and 3D convertors. Doremi test pattern generators feature pre-loaded internal 3D test patterns as well as user generated patterns which can be loaded via an SD card. This product will accommodate all 3D formats and comes complete with an infra ref remote control and a USB connection for remote operation.

For a high quality 3D monitor, the 3D-241-HDSDI from Marshall Electronics has a total of four HDSDI inputs which enables the monitor to provide two 3D HDSDI signals. With circular polarized glasses users are able to view multiple 3D monitors in production and multimedia environments.

Digital Cinema Equipment

Doremi are leading developers and manufacturers of videodisk recorders and video servers for all broadcast and digital cinema markets. High quality cinema software, including mastering stations and cinema servers, will enable you to broadcast your media effectively.

The DCP-2000 supports JPEG2000 and MPEG2 files, this dual projector features 3D and 4K resolution playback, CineLister software for providing effortless scheduling and playlist administration.

The Cineasset from Doremi is a great piece of software for converting video files into unencrypted DCI MXF files that can be played on digital cinema servers. The cinema mastering solution allows broadcasters to transfer and convert 2D and 3D clips with easy to use databases. The audio dubbing feature enables users to also add audio to their image sequences.

HD and SD Time Delay Severs

360 Systems, the UKs leading developer of HD and SD time delay servers have developed a range of servers that provide adjustable time delays for television broadcast. With a HD or SD time delay server you can provide top quality images using technology you can rely on.

Well established suppliers of broadcast media equipment stock HD and SD servers that are easy to use and provide delays of just a few seconds, right up to 8 hours with a HD server and 24 hours with an SD server.
For high quality media solutions, choose a supplier you can rely on.

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