Mobile Dish from Dish Network Renders Current RV Satellite Systems Obsolete

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Overview of Dish Network

Isn’t it funny how quickly technology that appears to be the latest and the highest can become rendered obsolete with the simple announcement of the advent of a higher level of technology? It happened to the horse and buggy when the first prototype motor vehicle was rolled out and it has happened even quicker to satellite systems that are currently installed in recreational vehicles.


 Mobile Dish is a satellite service that Dish Network now offers for mobile vehicles that does one thing that satellite TV services could never do before for the traveler. It delivers satellite TV programming with clear reception while the vehicle is rolling down the highway and this is something that RV owners and anyone else with a satellite system mounted in a moving vehicle have long been hoping for.


Mobile Dish currently has one-hundred channels of programming that are available,Guest Posting with more planned on being added in the near future. Mobile Dish Does more than just bring satellite TV programming to the traveler on the open road, because Mobile Dish also completely does away with the cumbersome and problematic satellite dish that had to be set up every time satellite TV programming was to be received.


 Then if the vehicle had to be driven, the dish had to be taken down again, even if it was just for a short trip. What is used in place of the satellite dish is a state of the art high tech receiving antenna that is mounted to the roof of the vehicle. This new Mobile Dish antenna was specifically designed to attach to the roof of a moving vehicle, so it is aerodynamic, discreet and low profile, so it hugs the roof of the vehicle.


 The one-hundred channels of Mobile Dish programming are a wide assortment of some of the best programming that Dish Network has to offer and if one-hundred isn’t enough for you, then there is Pocket Dish that you can use with your Mobile Dish system. Pocket Dish is a handy little devise that is small enough to fit in your shirt pocket yet has a huge memory capacity that can hold hours and hours of recorded movies, programming and video games.


You simply transfer the recorded material from your Dish Network home satellite system onto your Pocket Dish and take it with you when you hit the road with Mobile Dish. You simply plug it into your Mobile Dish system and anything that is on your Pocket Dish can then be seen on the screen.


Mobile Dish just makes too much sense and with the complete elimination of the satellite dish it is so much more convenient. During the long monotonous hours on the road is where multiple channels of satellite TV programming are really needed the most. Many people got around this problem by prerecording programming before their trip and during the stops that were made, but this doesn’t replace the news and live weather programming that can be so important to the traveler on the road during the winter.


 Dish Network also has free Sirius satellite radio programming for you home and vehicle now that comes with their programming packages and it also has a weather channel. This means that your winter travels can now be so much safer with Mobile Dish.


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