Oracle ULA certification - how to succeed

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Oracle ULA certification - How to succeed

What is an Oracle ULA?

Answer: its an licensing agreement from Oracle and it provides Unlimited licenses for a fixed set of products and a specific TERM 2-3 years usually. But Oracle ULA can be anywhere from 1-5 years. It can contain Oracle database products,Guest Posting Oracle middleware or Oracle applications. The most common type is the Oracle Database ULA with some Enterprise Edition Options.

What happens when the Oracle ULA ends?

Answer: You have a choice to renew your Oracle ULA which means a new license fee and additional support payments. Other alternative is to exit your Oracle ULA that means you undergo the Oracle ULA certification process.

What happens during the Oracle ULA certification ?

Answer: You will be contractually bound to report your deployment numbers to Oracle. Oracle will want to validate (note license audit) your deployment numbers. Most Oracle ULA customers go wrong here and are found to have deployed non Oracle ULA software. The end result is almost always a new Oracle ULA to cover the incorrect deployments.

What should Oracle ULA customers do?

They should review their Oracle licensing using Oracle LMS scripts that is a copy of Oracle license audit. Do this 3 months ahead and you will have a successful Oracle ULA certification.

Is there more to know about Oracle ULA certification ?
Yes, lots, read this guide for answering many more questions you should ask yourself.

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