Significant Considerations while Developing an Application for IoT!

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IoT is a cutting-edge technology and different industries like retail, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, etc. are developing IoT apps for their businesses. Process of IoT app development includes choosing hardware, choosing a centralized data storage, creating a front-end and making the app highly secure.

It is forecasted that by the end of the year 2022,Guest Posting the global spending on IoT will reach 1.1 trillion U.S. dollars. (As per a report generated byStatista, a leading online portal for statistics)From smart cities to manufacturing plants and people’s homes to agricultural fields, this disruptive technology has influenced almost every sector.

Smart IoT applications are being developed to collect real-time data, achieve customer-centricity, and reduce operational costs. These apps help businesses in improving their processes and overall efficiency. Let’s consider few examples:

  • An IoT app notifies a retail business owner about the shortage of supplies on his/her smartphone. Thus, the owners can manage inventory without hiring a manual labour.
  • An IoT app helps a transportation company’s owner or managers to get real-time updates about the location of the vehicle or trucks or traffic in the routes on their smartphones. The managers can manage the business much efficiently.

Likewise, there are hundreds of outstanding IoT applications in the market serving various industries.

If you too are thinking of developing an app for IoT, this article is for you. It explains about IoT app development in brief.


Factors to Consider during IoT App Development

Choose the hardware

While developing an IoT app, it is necessary to choose hardware from authorized device makers, in case you are not going to develop the hardware yourself. Ensure that this hardware corresponds with your project’s requirements and it is reliable, has good connection accuracy and ease of integration, is optimized for advanced audiences. Also, ensure that the sensors are manufactured by a reliable device maker and they guarantee high-quality.

Choosing an appropriate platform

The first step that the developers need to ensure is choosing a convenient platform that supports IoT app development and its components and how much will it cost. Many proven platforms offer the scope to develop the best IoT applications. Ubidots, IBM Watson, Android Things, Xively or Oracle IoT, Kaa, Thingworx, HomeKit, Azure IoT Suite, etc. are a few of them. Such an authenticated platform will many have physical and virtual tools ready for app development and the IoT app developers will not have to start anything from scratch. 

Consider the scalability of apps

Scalability is one of the important considerations for developing a successful IoT app and one should think of scalability in advance. IoT apps need to manage a high amount of data from several devices and machines. Scalability will ensure that the apps can work smoothly even after advancements in the technology or if other devices and processes are added. As a result, the apps will be usable for a longer time. Consider using cloud environment for deployments so that apps are scalable to the desired extent. 

Ensure that the app is fast and high-quality

For streaming effectively large volumes of data involved, we need to ensure that  IoT apps must be extremely fast and there shouldn’t be any compromise on their quality. They need to track and share data from several devices simultaneously and remotely control the devices. The cost of each lag can be very high. For instance, if a connected vehicle does not respond to the commands given by the app on time, it can cause severe issues or even accidents. So, stability, performance, speed, etc. must be the top priorities of any IoT app development company. 

Implement strong security measures

IoT apps have to deal with a large number of connected devices and systems in a network. The data can be vulnerable to threats and violations. There can also be physical attacks resulting in exposing sensitive data. So one needs to ensure that the technology used in IoT, safeguards connected devices and networks. This can be achieved by keeping a watch on IoT device firmware security and using secure tools while doingIoT app development. Security must be the top-most priority.



Key Takeaways:

The demand for IoT mobile apps is on the rise globally. As a result, IoT apps solutions providers are creating cutting-edge apps that serve diverse purposes and industries. We have seen in this article the most important considerations while developing the Internet of Things apps. If you consider them during your app development process, then it is very much apparent that the app will efficiently serve the desired purpose and enhance your profits.

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