Oct 28


Nishith lakshan

Nishith lakshan

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Software testing is the process of executing a program or system with the intent of finding errors. As soon as we completed the process or the project, we do a testing before we handover to the client.Therefore, testing is an important phase.


Traditionally we do the manual testing which is doing by a human. In the manual testing,SOFTWARE TESTING: MOVING FROM MANUAL TO AUTOMATED -  Articles there can be more paths and sometimes it is hard to decide which path is the more effective and which one is not. Therefore, this takes considerable time. Currently, most of IT companies have moved from manual testing to the automated testing. Automated testing is using automated tools and scripts to execute test cases. Hence this can be faster than manual testing. And automated testing helps to figure out more bugs compared to manual testing. Since manual testing is done by a human execution can be error-prone. Automated testing is done by a tool, so it is accurate. When it comes to building verification testing, automated testing is useful because it is difficult and time-consuming in manual testing. After considering all that we can see that when we do manual testing sometimes this method is difficult to perform in some tasks. Therefore, it needs some additional
time in the testing phase. Since manual testing is done by humans there is a possibility to miss to check the smallest units in the system. But when it comes to automated tools, it will never miss checking even the smallest unit in the system. On the other, we also can be recorded by automated testing processes.

So, it allows to reuse and execute the same kind of testing processes.But manual testing is cannot be recorded and impossible to reuse the testing process. Hence, we can find so many advantages in automated testing. Automated testing is better than manual testing but still has a few disadvantages. When we do manual testing, we do not need programming knowledge but when it comes to automated testing, we need to have programming knowledge. And sometimes we need to do random testing. As a company, Andout gives priority to automated testing.

for our projects. Manual testing allows to do random testing, but automated testing does not allow to do random testing. By considering all the pros and cons, it is still better to go with automated testing. Testing is a required phase in the software development process. Sometimes technology can be different but still, we must do the testing phase. Automated testing is a part of big data, artificial intelligence, deep learning etc. therefor moving to the manual testing to automated testing is a good sign for the future of the IT industry. Most of the Software companies likeAndoutare focusing to automated testing