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Flashlights are necessary for every house as they are very much useful and provide a good source of illumination.

Flashlights are very important and useful devices required for every house hold,Guest Posting a powerful torchlight is of great help especially in spaces where there low or no light. These LED flashlights are used to brighten up house or for any other work. The LED bulbs are provided in these lights which emits bright white light with centralised focus. The prices of these flashlights are comparatively cheaper than other flashlights available in the market.

The flashlight is a strong and powerful light with long battery life; it has a point focus which has a higher range. The Tank007 is a LED flashlight manufacturer which produces powerful and durable torch lights, in emergency situation it is of great help and helps in illuminating the place.

The TK-701 model has white light powered with LED bulbs and the brightness it produces is of 80 lumens which is a good capacity. The source of power in this model is supported by 1* size cell which produces a focus of bright light. There is only one mode in Tank007 TK-701 model with a single on cap switch.

This torchlight is made of high grade aluminium used in aerospace technology which makes it light in weight but provides strength and durability. It is fully protected from harsh environment effect as it is fully waterproof and shock proof. There is special hand strap is attached with this light for easy carrying and the life of light source is almost 50000 hours. This is one of the best handy tools for convenience and safety measures with stylish looks so that you will not hesitate in carrying it.

The name Tank007 itself speaks out its capacity as tank is a defence vehicle and 007 is the number of agent James Bond. The model Tank007 HM01 strap attached flashlight has been featured with potent specification like 120 lumen brightness which is supplied by 1* size cell with LED rating of 1 watt. All these flashlights are durable and emit bright white light to handle out emergency situations.

The input voltage required in this Tank007 flashlight is 1.2-3 V, it made of aluminium alloy used for aircrafts. The lamp life of this model is 80000 hours a quite higher than other models. The glass used at the focus is optical high grade class for minimum light absorption and higher reflection to throw the light up to the longer distances.

Apart from its useful aspects it has been designed with style and fashion so that anyone may not feels hesitant in keeping or carrying this torch with him. The size and dimensions of this torch are perfectly balanced.

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