The Great Advantages of Using Microfiber Lens Cloths

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If you have ever owned a pair of glasses, a camera, or anything that has a screen that requires cleaning without getting scratched, you will no doubt have been given a microfiber lens cloth as part of the package. These cloths are designed specifically to clean surfaces that require gentle but very effective cleaning.

Microfiber lens cloths from leading manufacturers have a huge amount of advantages over regular cloths from being more effective,Guest Posting non-abrasive, and hypoallergenic. Take a look at some of the biggest advantages of using microfiber lens cloths.


Can Remove 98.9% of Bacteria


One of the best advantages of using microfiber lens cloths is that with when used with just water, they are able to remove 98.9% of bacteria from any flat surface that they are used on. This statistic looks even better when you consider that any normal type of cloth that is used alongside bleach will only remove up to 90%.


Microfiber Cloths Are Non-Abrasive


Another great reason why microfiber lens cloths are perfect for cleaning is that they are non-abrasive and will not scratch any surfaces as well as leaving behind no lint as well. Ordinary cloths cannot achieve this and although you might not see any scratches left behind, you can be sure that they are there.


Microfiber Cloths Are Hypoallergenic


If somebody suffers from allergies or asthma, microfiber cloths are great for them too as they are hypoallergenic. Anything that is hypoallergenic is far less likely to cause any allergic reactions, so the fact that your lens cleaning cloths are, is always a good thing right?


Environmentally Friendly


Because a microfiber cloth requires no cleaning solution or chemical to be used alongside it, they are environmentally friendly. These microfiber cloths literally only need some water alongside them to produce a crisp clean that does not scratch any surfaces.


More Durable and are More Effective than Standard Cloths


A good quality microfiber lens cloth from reputable manufacturers are far more durable that regular cloths and can be reused hundreds of times before being requiring to be replaced. Additionally, because they contain more than 200,000 fibers on each square inch, they are far more effective at cleaning as well.




Those were just some of the main advantages to using microfiber lens cloths but there are many more too. They dry quicker than regular cloths, will save you money on cleaning chemicals as they are not required, and are easier to clean.


The great thing about these microfiber cloths is that you do not just have to use them on lens or glass surfaces and can use them on any surface that you want.

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