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The long wait is finally over for residences of New York who have been anticipating a new Gong cha Bubble Tea shop. We are happy to announce our new store open at Woodbury Common Premium Outlets (714 Bluebird Court Unit# 714, Woodbury, NY 10917). Additionally, we have a new store opening soon in New York City located at 2061 Broadway, New York, NY 10023.

Bubble Tea


Bubble tea is a Taiwanese originated beverage produced by blending a tea base with milk,Guest Posting fruit, and fruit juices, then topping it with bubbles. A scrumptious delight that is sweet, cool, and refreshing. You can select and choose from as many flavors as there are teas and fruits. These tasty fruit or tea can be served hot or cold, making for a delightful drink and snack. Bubble tea is served in see-through cups with a big straw so that the tapioca balls shoot up the straw and can be chewed as you drink the delicious liquid.


Why Is Bubble Tea So Popular?


Bubble tea originated in Taiwan and quickly expanded to other Asian countries, as well as the rest of the world. Started at Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Gong cha which is another word for "tribute tea for the emperor" is a reputable bubble tea franchise.   Gong cha's bubble tea shop has 1,500 location worldwide.


The goal of Gong cha is to serve a nicely prepared and high-quality bubble tea to the community. Their bubble tea combines different add-ins including fruits, toppings, and another creative combo. Boba tea from Gong cha is refreshed every 4 hours to ensure that their customers get a fresh serving


For those who are thinking, 'what's bubble tea?' Bubble tea or Boba is a fruit or milk-based drink combined with chewy tapioca balls. 


Some of the popular categories are milk tea, classic tea, milk foam, slushes, coffee, and tea latte. Customers are free to select the drink base, add-ins like jelly, bubbles, ice level, and sugar level. 


Aside from the chewy tapioca balls, customer can choose from coconut jelly, basil seeds, or pudding. Famous flavors in Gong cha bubble tea shops includes taro, strawberry, original milk tea, and the mango slush.


As of now, bubble tea has become a popular trend in New York. The New Yorkers now love to take a sip of the best bubble tea from Gong cha. With this development, Gong cha's goal is to ensure that Boba tea stores are available throughout New York.


Checkout Gong cha New York locations by visiting the website.

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