The MBM 93M Paper Folder

Jan 19


Whitaker Brothers

Whitaker Brothers

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The MBM 93M is highly considered one of our most popular paper folders.


The MBM 93M has proven time and time again to be one of our most popular paper folders for several reasons.  Unlike complex and high volume paper folders, the 93M is simple,The MBM 93M Paper Folder Articles yet effectively gets the job done.  In this paper folder review, we highlight the most important functions and features that make the MBM 93M a perfect low volume office folder. 

Despite its small size, the MBM 93M is quite powerful and fast.  With a sheet capacity of 150 sheets at a time, this paper folder processes at a speed of 7,200 sheets per hour.  This is an incredible amount for its size and makes it the perfect folding machine for small offices with a substantial daily output.  Although the end result and maximum output is considerable, the 93M does require frequent reloading to maintain a steady work pace.  An exceedingly flexible machine, the 93M accepts a range of paper sizes from 4 x 5 inches to 8 ½ x 14 inches.  To add to its versatility, this paper folder takes paper weights from 16 to 80 lbs.  For ease of use, this MBM 93M paper folder with push-button operation is an excellent choice.  The user-friendly settings offer a programmable counter, that include batch and total functions.  Instead of having to manually configure your settings for each project, these programmable options eliminate this burden and save you time.  The color-coded fold plate graphics ensure that setup is even faster and uncomplicated.  Upon operating the MBM 93M, we noticed that these color-coded graphics were clear to read and quite useful.  Ideal for folding standard printer or copier paper, the versatile 93M offers 4 different fold types that can be programmed: letter, half, “Z”, and double parallel.      

One quality we found most appealing about the MBM 93M is its compact and practical design.  This portable paper folder weighs only 46 lbs., which makes relocating around the office extremely easy.  Its small size (14” x 25” x 16 3D4”) allows it to fit perfectly on any tabletop or desktop without occupying too much space.  For storage purposes, the exit tray and feed tray both fold in to save even more space.  The motorized exit conveyor and tray neatly maintain your stacks of folded paper.  The MBM 93M strives for convenience by allowing you to load your paper and retrieve your finished project from the same side.  To top it all off, this paper folder will also automatically stop after the last sheet of paper is folded, preventing overheating.  A true customer favorite, it is easy to see why the MBM 93M surpasses the competition for the most efficient, compact paper folder on the market.

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