The use of brass

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Brass is composed of copper and zinc alloy. If only by copper, zinc and called the general composition of the brass on brass. If it is made up of two or more elements of a variety of special alloy called brass.

If the lead,Guest Posting tin, manganese, nickel, lead, iron, silicon alloy composed of copper. Brass has a strong wear resistance. Special brass called special brass, it is high strength, hardness, resistance to chemical corrosion. There machining of mechanical properties are more prominent. The pull from the brass into a seamless copper tube, soft, strong wear resistance. Brass seamless pipe can be used for heat exchangers and condensers, copper powder(FCu) low-temperature piping, sea transport tube. Manufacture of sheet, strip, rods, tubing, casting parts and so on. Copper at 62% ~ 68%, strong plastic, manufacturing pressure equipment.Since we do not know what means the ancients to smelting zinc or calamine, the situation of the ancient use of brass is not very clear. Lower boiling point than copper, zinc, copper in the heat, the charcoal will heat zinc, zinc is difficult not to evaporate. The Romans may be the first large-scale use of this method were, manganese powder but smelting bronze craftsman may have inadvertently produced in the past a brass, tin and zinc because of the difference, initially unclear. We should note that the "Bible" mentioned in the brass, in fact, are bronze; called sorrow Adams Roman coins, copper or bronze is cast, instead of Brass's. Complicate things, they really have to use brass coins, but at first than copper, brass or bronze are more expensive.However, from the Middle Ages, in its pot and the plate is not used as before, brass is a luxury, only used for monumental tombstones and the like. From about AD 1230, the brass popular in Europe for about 300 years, because they are cheaper than the much larger sculptures. Archbishop died in 1231 a bronze statue of Weier Pu is known of the earliest made with brass statue. Brass casting process is this: first crushed zinc and charcoal mixed with the copper block heated, the zinc and copper together, and then heating the alloy melt, and then the liquid poured into the copper mold. Britain's first brass devices are imported, mainly from the Tours of imports. Tours can be from within the client order has been packed in a beautiful marble floor or base of the tombstone in full. Production of copper tombstone approach, boron powder is to cast a good statue, usually also a good cast around the shed to pick the silhouette, then place it in the pre-stone, carved with a knife above the statue's detail. Sometimes the statue's hand and facial use inlaid alabaster or other materials. After the statue safe to do with the bolt installed in the lead in the dark pins fixed to the stone base. Put a layer of asphalt on the statue itself. Large bronze statue of the sub-casting, and then bonding them. Source:

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