Things to Avoid While Purchasing Ambrane Power Bank

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We often tend to be confused when buying a portable charge for our Smart Phones. Though we know what we want but we do not know exactly which power bank will deliver that to us. Although ambrane power...

We often tend to be confused when buying a portable charge for our Smart Phones. Though we know what we want but we do not know exactly which power bank will deliver that to us. Although ambrane power bank is an authentic and durable portable charger but still you should be clear about few things before making the purchase.

Let's take look at the 5 mistakes that we usually make when choosing a power bank for our expensive Smart Phones.

Buying unbranded Power Banks,Guest Posting only because they are cheap

When buying Smart Phones we often tend to buy the ones that are cheap but have good power capacity, now people why do we do that? We do not compromise on the quality of the smart Phones, then why compromise on a portable charger. Buying a good quality portable charger of a renowned brand is always a wiser decision, even if it is a little expensive than the unbranded ones because it ensures better protection of our phone batteries in the long run.

Power Capacity is sometimes too small

A common mistake people make when buying a power bank is selecting one with a small power capacity. A very simple guideline to follow would be to buy a portable charger which is at least of the same power capacity as the device it intends to charge, so that the device can undergo one full charge with the portable charger when it runs out of juice. Preferably you should be going in for a portable charger that has a power capacity to charge your device up to 2 to 3 times without having to recharge the power bank, but then that also entirely depends on the amount of time you are spending on that device and the amount of money you want to spend on buying a portable charger.

Buying an incompatible power bank

When we set off to buy a portable charger for our Smart Phones, we essentially only look for compatibility only with our phones but tend to ignore other Smart devices that can also be charged through the portable charger. It is thus advisable to settle in for a portable charger which is compatible with not just your phones but also you're Ipads, e- readers, mp3 players and many more. You can buy these portable chargers online also or can go for other mobile accessories as well such as tempered glass screen protector or mobile cases etc.

Ignoring the safety features and settling in for a cheaper brand

When buying a power bank, do not ignore the one that comes with protection features like short circuit protection, over charge and over discharge protection and settle in for a less expensive power bank. This ignorance in the long run will not only harm your battery charger but also your expensive devices. Portable chargers essentially provides power or rather charges the batteries of your expensive gears, so when buying a charger with protection features it ensures protection to the batteries of such devices and also protects the shelf life of the batteries. Therefore it is a wise choice to overlook price tag and go in for the one that not only provides uninterrupted power supply but also safeguards the shelf life of your Smart Phones, Ipads, IPods, and many others.

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