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More than half of the year 2020 has passed and now it is imperative to think about the top mobile app trends for 2021. Business is sure to pick up in 2021 after the demolishing act of coronavirus. So, it is good to stay ahead of the curve and learn some mobile app trends which would rule in the year 2021.

Do you know how many apps are downloaded per annum? It has been estimated that by 2021 the number of mobile app downloads will reach 352.9 billion. This is a huge number that showcases the heavy demand for mobile apps.

This attracts a large number of investments in the mobile app industry by businesses of all sizes. From enterprises to startups owners,Guest Posting all are investing their hard-earned money into this trending technology.

It has been expected through research that by the year 2021, mobile app market revenue will reach $131 billion. Here is a graph that illustrates the findings in detail.


A smart entrepreneur is planning to reap the maximum benefits from this industry next year. If you are one of them then let me tell you that here comes the time to buckle up your belt. You must have a steady and robust plan to outshine the competitors.

In contemporary times with the advancements of technologies, mobile apps are getting revolutionized every year. Innovations are striking every industry and changing not only consumer demands but all products.

The mobile app that worked successfully in 2019 might not possess the same potential to shine in 2020. Hence, working according to the trending technologies on your app is the greatest need of this time and this task is accomplished by a mobile app development company in India.

How will you do this? Do you have any idea that by including which technology, you can make your mobile app a success in the following year? In order to help, especially the young and tech-naive business persons, I have written this blog.


Here, I am enlisting the most expected mobile app trends for 2020

Top Mobile App Trends #1 5G 5G 5G!!  

Yes! We all are eagerly waiting for 5G technology to enter the market and serve our increasing demands! By the end of 2020, we can get the 5G wireless network to rock the world.

Even before its launch, there is a lot of speculation about this technology. It is been estimated that as compared to the 4G network, 5G will be 100 times faster. 5G will also improve data security, Augmented reality, and 3D gaming.


Top Mobile App Trends #2 Beacon Technology

Let’s understand beacon technology in simple words. Say for example you have a footwear store. There are millions of people with your mobile app on their smartphones. The time when they will be around your physical store, you can notify.


How will this happen? This can happen with beacon technology. It has Bluetooth technology that used wireless transmitters to send signals. It has an amazing future in the retail sector with the integration of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Many industries like healthcare, hotels, etc. are utilizing this location technology. It has a great scope in proximity marketing for businesses of all niches.


Top Mobile App Trends #3 More of AI

Do you there are huge investments in Artificial intelligence technology all over the world? It is being estimated that the AI global market will reach $190 billion by 2025. It is being actively and extensively used in mobile app development as well.

The integration between AI technology and mobile app development is creating applications that are smarter than others. AI and its related technology are helping every industry to launch apps that can provide services such as calculation of distance, maintaining vast data, analyzing consumer behavior, and many others.


This technology is known for creating machines that can replace humans. Duplex, an AI program introduced by Google is able to make calls on its own. The evolution of AI over the past few years has revolutionized the mobile app development and allowed mobile app developers to come up with some amazing innovative ideas!


Top Mobile App Trends #4 Instant Apps

How about an app that is not required to be downloaded? Google launched such apps in 2016 under the name of instant apps. There are native apps for the android platform and showcase brilliance through their functionalities.

The ability to access this app without download attracts a lot of audiences & mobile app development companies are reaping the benefits. Moreover, this feature allows them to be used as a trial version for many apps. Top benefits from these are they are smaller in size, better user experience than regular apps.


Apart from this, they offer functionalities of websites without using the memory of the device. The instant apps have undoubtedly blurred the lines between the app and users by eliminating the need for download and installation.


Top Mobile App Trends #5 AMP ~ Accelerated Mobile Pages

In order to increase the loading speed of mobile pages, Google introduced AMP in collaboration with Twitter. It helps the app developers to decrease bounce rates and enhance the performance rate.

Accelerated mobile pages are also capable of maximizing the user retention rate and provides a better experience to users. Google announced an official integration of its mobile search results with AMP listings.

Along with this, there was an announcement for the provision of a mobile search box to assist users in detecting websites that are mobile-friendly. Therefore, ensure to hire web developers who can create AMP-compatible web pages.


Undoubtedly, certain technological innovations are going to revolutionize the mobile app industry in 2020. And we can’t wait for them to unveil their magic in upcoming years! Queen is the one who is going to utilize these trends on time.

Are you excited to take the maximum benefits of these mobile app trends and increase your turnover with many folds? Hire iOS app developers in India to get further assistance according to your budget and specific requirements.

If you have anything to share or want to give feedback on my research then you are most welcome to write to me in the comment section below. I believe that knowledge increases by sharing. So, keep sharing, keep growing, and keep reviewing! Happy reading!

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