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Wii game console is an electronic device or a home video game console manufactured by Nintendo and launched in the year 2006 with several distinguishing features.

The idea of the Wii game console was conceived in the year 2001 by Nintendo`s game designers. Designed basically in the Nintendo DS style,Guest Posting the Wii game console is the seventh generation gaming console which is able to play all official Game Cube games.

Until April 2006, this console was known with the code name of Revolution. As the name Revolution was too long and difficult to pronounce, the company formulated the new name `Wii` which is both short and easy to pronounce. The reason that was cited for the selection of this name by the company was that as Wii sounded like We, it emphasized that the console was suitable for all. The spelling of Wii with two lower cases `i` character resembled two people standing close to each other which represented players gathering for the game.

The Wii game console is a very sleek and smart device with a thickness of just 2 inches. The width of the console is about six inches and the length about eight and a half inch. As the design is very compact and compressed, it can be fitted to any TV set very easily. This console has four ports for controllers that enable four players to enjoy these games simultaneously. It has become quite popular as a family game console and often becomes a reason for getting together with your family and friends.

Using the console is as easy as playing the games and you do not need to be a regular in order to enjoy these games. The Nintendo Wii also comes with parental controls that enables parents to lock those games which they feel are not suitable for playing by kids. As the Nintendo Wii has options for internet surfing, there is an option to lock internet access also.

The Wii game console has a wireless communication system and comes with four compatible remote controls. The SOI CMOS chips those powers the Nintendo Wii console are designed and developed in collaboration with IBM. The remotes of the Wii console are a masterpiece in themselves as they are very accurate in motion sensing technology. These remotes can also be used in many other games also. The design of the remote is such that the user can control the game both with the help of traditional buttons and also with physical gestures of the body.

Another integral input device of the Nintendo Wii game console is the Nunchuck. They are also very comfortable to use as they fit into the hand of the player very easily as the remote, and have more operational features and can facilitate more needs of a player than the remote control.

The Wii game console recorded record sales since its launch and succeeded in overtaking its competitors in the initial years itself. In the first half of year 2007, the Wii game console made more sales in North America than the combined sales of Playstation 3 and Xbox 30. Currently it leads the Japanese market in total sales and also has a very good margin over both its competitors.

With all the physical advantages, the Wii game console has also been a matter of criticism for some as the usage of Wii game console is seen to be more physically demanding and the users of this console has sometimes complained of a tennis elbow. However, with the backing of Nintendo and severe popularity of the gaming console, Wii has been able to come out of all criticism and made a place for itself in the TV game console market.

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