Voice Search Optimization: Improvements You Need To Do

Aug 20


Ankit Techugo

Ankit Techugo

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Advancement and improvements are an intrinsic part of IT industry, and these practices always stay in continuation. Besides, in the presence of these practices, a variety of concept spread the light of fascination and sheer amusement among people.


In this space,Voice Search Optimization: Improvements You Need To Do Articles the advent of voice search was a great opportunity for both users and developers for exploring the potential of Artificial intelligence technology. During its initiation, various people came up with the notion that this would become a chief digital trend. Though, I want to add that it has changed a lot since its advent.

Today, a variety of voice-activated technologies are trending the market. I still do remember when Siri and Cortana were launched, and users were both surprised and confused, but now they are utilizing voice technology with ease.

Though, voice search is the major aspect in this niche, in this post I will discuss fashion of voice search.

Voice search

Owing to the voice technology, now people are making a lot of voice searches with mobiles, laptop, tablet, and other voice-enabled gadgets. Simultaneously, a variety of voice assistance is available in the market.

Wait! don't you know what is voice search?

Well! if a user makes any search on internet with voice command, it terms as voice search. The overall process of search initiation and response from internet owns by Artificial intelligence and voice recognition technology. Actually, these technologies are chief initiators behind these.

However, search marketing is a still matter of concentration as this sector needs to reiterate the overall SEO and make it voice search friendly.

Why do they need to do this?

As I told that AI technology is behind this practice, AI has become immensely accurate, and the potential of voice recognition has increased, to provide people with utterly price search results search engines are utilizing numerous ways and strategies. To keep the website rank,  the changes according to search marketing is important.

I know you would be thinking that what changes? Well! let me complete.

Indeed, a various change needs to be done. However, a few major changes I would like to address here.

    1. Keyword For Voice Search

You might have heard about semantic searches, and you are also aware that there is big difference in typing and speaking when making a search. While typing we skip words, though while speaking we don't and complete the sentence.

So, while deciding keyword for optimization, one needs to do complete brainstorming that what kind of searches people can make. It is clear that searches would be in the form of question as we tend to speak faster than writing. So, indeed the keyword search would require more specific and user-centric.


Content is major part of your website and plays a crucial role in the ranking. When it comes about content optimization for voice search, content specialist needs to understand the overall journey of the user and ensure to integrate each stage for better user interaction. The points that one need to understand in the users' journey are Awareness, Interest, Evaluation, Purchase, Customer support, Loyalty. Where Awareness indicate what user want to know, Interest showcase the what users can do.

Actually, i want to refer that voice searches of users will hover toward these points, that one needs to consider. Besides, experts have underline some facts that need to consider while voice search optimization:

Intent of providing information including guidance, how-to, and more.
Navigational data such as location.
Transactional intent with videos, product stories, and information.

    3. Site Structure

Right after the content, there is an immediate concept occurs is structure of site. Actually,  voice search has the capability to penetrate deep inside the structure of site and content. Indeed, the surface level changes would need in the site structure and content to, extract desired results.

    4. Data optimization

Data optimization is very essential. For this, one needs to pot the relevant content and ensure various aspects such as easy crawling. For faster crawling, it very important to create a structured sitemap and submit it to google console. You must know that the Google boot understand the content very well.

Ultimate data markups are also helpful, and it enables the creation of metadata for content that tells Google the idea behind the content and its affect. Basically, it doesn't affect the ranking improves the result and relevancy of result for voice searches. 

    5. Creating Alexa skills and Google Actions

Another thing that will help in increasing site visibility is creating actions on Google App or sills in Alexa. What are these actions? Well! these are software that expands the ability of voice assistance and allows huge interaction of assistance with your content.

These actions are very useful as it is easy for users to have a conversation with your content owing to these actions. The value these actions adds cannot be replaced in voice search space.

So, now it would be clear that challenges are big part of voice marketing tactic. However, you would be thinking if there are so many challenges why we need to integrate it.

Well! Apart from all these challenges, it has various benefits. Here are benefits of voice searches

    * Allows multitasking
    * Enables users to do things faster.
    * Allows users to get the answer of queries instantly.
    * Improves daily routine of users and more

Therefore, integration of voice technology is essential, and simultaneously it is improving the life of human. If you are a website owner and utilizing it for your business, it is very essential that it must rank on Google even with voice search.

 In order, to rank your website up in voice search, you need help of league experts that can implement required changes and run effecting content and search engine optimization.  At Techugo, we are adding this technology into various application and helping application owners to obtain desired results. Owing to our expertise in modern techniques, we are one of the digital marketing company in India. To know more about it, get in touch with our SEO specialists.

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