What All You Must Know About Online E-Learning Apps?

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The introduction of e-learning applications has created interesting options for everyone to learn online! Such apps help teachers, academic experts, educators, etc. to connect with and help learners. Moreover, they provide help to everyone, at all levels. These platforms have proved to be a boon for students who used to spend hours reaching their tuition centres. With just the right help for guidance, they can now consult subject experts from the comfort of their homes. Academic help is possible, literally with one click – with an app!

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Learning is a constant process, it never ends. So, for today’s blog I thought to focus on education, training and study processes. Technological advancements have not left a single domain untouched; they have helped us hone our skills and ways, the way we perceive and consume anything. Evidently, almost everything has experienced a positive effect of technology.

What is e-learning all about?

It is a system, that is based on formalised teaching with help of electronic resources. Use of internet, computer, digital devices, etc. is a major component of e-learning. It is also known as m-learning (mobile-learning). 

Distance learning using new technologies also falls under the ambit of e-learning. It involves educational apps, podcasts, educational blogs, online teaching platforms, etc. They facilitate and ensure that users learn better and offer support in an engaging and simple way!

Advantages of such apps

Discussing the related benefits of a platform, especially when the writer is pitching it, becomes all the more necessary. Developing an educational application has a number of advantages for both, consumers and business owners. Don’t believe me? Keep reading to know better…

  1. E-learning is accessible to all. Students don’t have to travel to far off places for guidance and tuitions. They can learn from the comforts of their homes. Hence, such a platform saves time and energy!
  2. It has immense business potential; proves to be socially helpful along with being profitable.
  3. Information access takes very less time.
  4. An online education app is a relatively cheaper option for students who cannot afford expensive tuitions.
  5. Innovative teaching methods by different platforms are used in order to compete in the market. This helps students immensely!
  6. Such an app can be developed for differently abled people, to help them study and learn, better.
  7. Learners can choose the time and place to study. Therefore, this works as a flexible option imparting knowledge!


The related challenges

Even the best solutions present challenges to entrepreneurs. What is important, is to understand the demand, market trend, related challenges and work on them! Let us now look at the challenges in this respect:


  • Developing the video content
    E-learning videos are highly important! They play a crucial role in imparting education to students, online. It is the duty of the education venture owners and their team to take care of the video content. The final visual product that is consumed by learners, involves number of things behind the scenes!
    Shooting the video with the educator, editing, making it content-rich, interesting and interactive, eliminating the unnecessary content, etc. are some if the things that have to be taken care of… quite seriously! The makers also have to take care of lighting, sound, background, camera angle, etc.

  • Server load balancing
    Before elaborating on this point, allow me to explain what is load balancing. It is efficient distribution of network application traffic across multiple servers in a server farm. There must be a load balancer between the backend servers and client devices.
    This has to be done in order to ensure uninterrupted streaming; of course, an internet connection is required too. This step is important as live videos need to be shot without any interference. WHY? The flow of studying and teaching shouldn’t get hampered at any cost!

  • Developing study material and documents
    Creating quality-laden content is mandatory for any educational application to become a mass favourite and hence, successful. But the content creation part proves to be a big challenge for developers.
    Study content and documents aren’t just required for making videos. They are also provided to students as study material, to make notes, learn and do multiple revisions – about what they have studied in the online class.
    With multiple players of the same domain in the market, it is a challenge to offer something fresh and more interesting to students. But it has to be done, as the study material only would ensure your app’s success.


Advanced features for users

These features are a necessity when it comes to helping users and establishing a brand image. The following features are a must have in any education application. Let us have a look at them:

- Login
- Push Notifications
- Multi-lingual support
- Discussion board
- Leader board
- Mock tests
- Quizzes & assignments
- Video streaming and chat room

Monetization options

It never hurts to make more profit while serving customers. Use the following two very famous options as your monetization strategy for your e-learning application:


  • In-app ads
    These are an amazing option that let mobile publishers mint more money. You can get paid for putting up ads for a specific college, book publishers, educational institute, etc. This way the users will get an option to move ahead with something that you have provided details about, on your platform. And pay extra for that too, if they wish.

  • E-commerce integration
    Stationery items are a necessity for students. These items along with subject books can be purchased online through a link, that you can provide on your platform. This way you will help students and make more money yourself!


Concluding note

An educational app benefits all three – business owners, students and educators. The latter two, get a platform to learn and teach, respectively. Allow students in particular and learners in general, to learn online and reap the benefits of this process. What is better than an option that has the potential to be a top-notch business idea, along with being highly helpful, right?! 

Do you have any thought or thoughts on similar lines? Then, don’t procrastinate and move ahead with your idea of developing online e-learning apps today! Connect with a company that provides application development services and the finest web solutions, while staying abreast with the latest technological advancements. 

Online education apps are the real deal. Develop the best engaging apps for diverse educational situations, size of the learners no bar! Witness your dream become a reality through an intelligent virtual network that will deliver high performance!


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