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In celebration of National Robotics Week,Guest Posting we’re shedding light on warehouse robotics. Gear up for a robot revolution with Katalyst Technologies!

From self-service checkouts in supermarkets to personal assistants on smart devices, automation has improved a wide range of daily activities for humans over the last century. Modern advancements in technology and the exponential growth of e-commerce have also contributed to this movement. With all that’s occurring in today’s market, it’s no wonder businesses have invested in automation to optimize operations and facilitate growth.

Warehouse Management Software (WMS) can be hub of your all daily activities in warehouse, wherein AI and machine learning plays important role to reduce the time and increase the warehouse operations.


So, what are some of the top benefits of warehouse robots? Here’s our take:

Given its massive impact on systems, processes, and people, warehouse robots are expected to sell at an accelerated rate in the upcoming years. Katalyst predicts warehouse robots will continue to redefine global commerce and supply chain operations. We also foresee robots gaining significant adoption and growth in warehousing and logistics markets as it pertains to workflow automation. Moreover, businesses can anticipate robot safety to become a top priority as collaborative robots gain explosive popularity. Converged with artificial intelligence, we predict warehouse robotics to increase in capabilities as they continue to streamline operations for businesses across the globe.

What are some of your predictions for warehouse robotics in 2019 and beyond? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!


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