Why Hiring Full Stack Developers for MVP Version is a Great Decision?

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While going for MVP app development, hiring full stack developers can be the apt decision due to several reasons like their expertise in different technologies, their capability to switch between technologies, etc. It also ensures the saving of time and money and provides a competitive advantage to you.

Let’s assume you have an excellent idea and want to develop a robust mobile app out of it. To manage the budgetary constraints and minimize the risks initially,Guest Posting you rather decide to create an MVP i.e. Minimum Viable Product instead of a full-fledged app. So after thorough research, you start hiring a team of professionals like UX designers, frontend and backend developers and quality analysts for the mobile app development process.

But how about having a single solution instead of hiring the whole team?

Well, a full stack developer can be a perfect solution for this. Hiring them could be a highly time and cost-efficient decision, especially for start-ups and small or medium-sized enterprises. It can also free you from the day-to-day project management hassle.

Let’s dive into the details about full stack developers and key benefits of hiring them for building an MVP.

What is a Full Stack Developer

Simply put, a full stack developer is a Jack of all Trades and master of a few. These all-rounder developers are well-versed with most of the technologies required for developing an entire mobile app or its MVP version, from the app ideation to its deployment. They are adequately acquainted with multiple software tools and programming languages to work on the frontend, backend, database, etc. and make the app completely functional all by themselves.

A Bit about the Full Stack Development

The full stack app development consists of mainly three phases:

Front-end: It manages the look and feel or the user interface of the app. So, these developers need to be equipped with technical skills-sets like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, latest JS frameworks, etc. For frontend app development. Experience in Angular.js, Vue.js, React.js, etc. is required for JavaScript-based systems.

Back-end: This is the backend of the MVP where the developers write the business logic to power the frontend of the app. For backend app development, the developers should be well-equipped with the backend or server-side programming languages and frameworks like Python with Django, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Java with Spring MVC, etc.

Database: Database is a significant aspect of the backend and the full stack developers are expected to be well versed with both relational (store data in table format) and non-relational (store data in JSON format) databases. Currently, there are three major database languages available- MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL, where MySQL and PostgreSQL are relational databases, and MongoDB is the non-relational one.

Potential Advantages of Hiring a Full Stack Developer

One-stop Solution

When you hire domain-specific professionals, chances are that they cannot recognize the underlying root problem in the MVP development. The issue could be outside of their expertise. However, the full stack developers can acknowledge any such issues as they have an understanding of several technologies. They can single-handedly manage the complete project.


Hiring dedicated experts for several technologies can cost a fortune. Whereas hiring one or two full-stack developers for an MVP version is quite budget-friendly. This especially benefits small business owners and start-ups.

Easily Switching between Technologies

Being an all-rounder, these developers can easily switch between backend and frontend technologies and/or vice versa whenever needed. Consequently, they can recognize the potential issues and their probable solutions in advance.

Project Delivery within Shorter Timelines

The full stack developers efficiently work either individually or in teams to ensure timely delivery of projects without delegating the work to anyone. Since decision-making is limited to a few developers, its coordination becomes easier and faster. This ensures a better outcome in less time.

Easy Maintenance and Upgrading

Full stack developers usually keep abreast of the latest trends, tools, and technologies. Hence, maintaining the MVP and upgrading it is easier for them as compared to the domain-specific professionals.

Competitive Edge

As you get the MVP with the most basic features of your app at the earliest, you can launch the app in the market before all your competitors. You can thus avail better profits and also get a competitive advantage over your peers who have a similar idea but are yet to come up with an MVP or an app.

Over to You:

Mobile app development is a critical process and requires good investment too. A thoughtful decision like hiring a full stack developer for its MVP version can save a lot of time and effort and also ensure a faster-time-to market.

If you want to identify the right full stack developer for your project, you can expect the knowledge of some specific skills in them. These developers should be aware of HTTP and REST commands, Data Structure and Algorithms, Git tool, and Deployment options.

At Biz4Solutions, we have a team of professionals for developing seamless, interactive, and technically advanced web and mobile apps and their MVP versions as required. Hire experienced and skilled full stack developers who have hands-on knowledge of diverse tools and technologies for building an MVP.

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