Why Performance Testing is Necessary

Dec 2




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Performance testing is done for checking whether the software is performing well in the areas of stability, speed, and scalability. It is done to check if the software is loading as well as running quickly in less than optimal and optimal scenarios. Your application needs to be stable and run with various loads of the end users consistently.


The tests are conducted on a wide scale for measuring performance. It also helps in analyzing if it is possible for many users to use the application at once. Your application should be capable of performing well,Why Performance Testing is Necessary Articles in spite of the large amount of the end users. It also helps in determining if the maximum number of end users can use the product before the reduction of the performance of the software.

If the application, you develop fails to provide optimum performance, you will be driving away the potential audience who want a high speed performing product. The end user will not use your product if it has a higher loading time or in case it has a lower performance. If you lose the end users, there will be a loss in the return on investment of the business. If software has a poor performance, it is going to break your wallet.

Here are some reasons why performance testing is a must for the product:

Verifying the fundamental features of the application

Having a solid software foundation is considered to be a crucial principle to ensure the success of the software. Measuring the performance of the basic functions of the software is useful to the leaders of the business in making crucial decisions and to set up the software. Samsung and Apple are the two great instances to determine the fundamentals of the product. With an effective application foundation, you will be capable of adopting an effective business strategy. It is useful in making crucial decisions about how the software is going to operate, Once they have validated the fundamental features of the software through performance testing, they can use their resources into development and research effectively for bringing an improvement in the software performance and product offerings.

Determining the stability, accuracy, and speed of the software

Measurement of stability, accuracy, speed, and performance is considered to be a crucial aspect in software testing. It helps in monitoring the vital components of the software under duress. it offers crucial details about how the software is handling the scalability. Thus, it allows the developers of the software in making informed decisions, about what changes should be made and the measurement of performance against the internal standards.

Helps in bestowing the ultimate satisfaction to the end users

It is essential to make an ever lasting impression in the perspective customers. According to researchers, more than half of the end users want that the software or product, they are using, can be loaded in less than two seconds. To set a good impression on the end user, you should ensure that the time frame for keeping the end user is less. This time can reduce with the increase in the network capacity and connection speed. Measurement of performance of the application helps in determining how the potential audience is responding to the software, you have developed. Thus, it will be useful in finding out the crucial issues and fixing them.

Identification of discrepancies as well as resolving issues

Measurement of performance offers buffers for the software developers, prior to releasing a product in the market. It is possible to magnify any problems, after they are launched in the product. With performance testing, it is possible to find out any bugs or errors in the software. It is crucial to monitor the performance testing across various sectors of the business. The leaders of business should be having open communication channels along with IT for making sure that the performance of the product is complying with the different business strategies.

Effective performance testing indicates that once a product is launched in the market, it is possible to avoid the wastage of time in fixing the discrepancies and errors in the product, instead of fighting the pre-existing issues which can be avoided. Problems might increase exponentially and they will involve a huge cut off from the pocket if the product is launched in the market to the buyers.

Improvement of load capacity and optimization

One of the top reasons why it is recommended to opt for performance testing is because it provides the capabilities to enhance load capacity and optimization. Measurement of performance is useful to the business firm in dealing with volume so that the product can bestow the best performance as you approach the higher level of end users. With performance testing, it is possible to manage the scalability of the business firm. It is useful to the tester in optimizing tailor capacity and performance for handling the demands.

Performance testing is useful in measuring the accuracy, stability and speed of the product. In addition to this, it is useful in finding out the bugs, errors, and fixing them, before launching the product in the market so that you can cope with the same with scalability.

Performance testing plays an integral role in determining the specific factors on which the testing of the performance is done. These metrics are inclusive of the wait time, response time, peak response time, average load time, concurrent users, error rate, request per second, throughout, memory utilization, CPU utilization, constraints, to name a few. The success criteria are different in each product.

Performance testing is done for assessing the amenability of the system for its growth. It is useful in identifying and detecting the weak points and bugs in the software which is hard to be identified otherwise.

Performance testing services should be opted at the early phase of life cycle of software development to prevent any additional expenses at a later off stage. It is useful to test the basic technology of the software such as load balancing, network software, database server performance, application server performance and web server performance.