Why will Professional Services Organizations (PSOs) be in demand in 2020?

Feb 24


Brian Burell

Brian Burell

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Katalyst Technologies provides professional services to the companies to embrace advanced tech-driven solutions in their business model. Connect with our experts, which specializes in sourcing the right talent as per the clients’ project needs.


As more and more industries are adopting disruptive technologies in their business model,Why will Professional Services Organizations (PSOs) be in demand in 2020? Articles the demand for professional services has risen significantly in the tech domain. Moreover, as businesses are flourishing at an unprecedented pace and grabbing projects across the globe, it is imperative to experience a crunch for appropriate tech experts who can handle project management with utmost diligence.

This is precisely where, PSOs, Professional Services Organizations come into the picture. They are experts who act like staffing consultants for firms by aligning their staffing needs with professionals in different domains. PSOs leverage technology to hone their networking skills and offer customized professional services in the B2B segment. PSOs facilitate the client’s business by procuring IT specialists, on-site business analysts, and digital tech professionals for end-to-end project execution at clients’ sites. The most significant advantage of taking services from Professional Services firms is that the client can focus on his core business while generating revenue from off-stream projects with the help of key specialists acquired through PSOs.


Benefits of taking services from Professional Services Organizations


It is crucial to understand that we are living in an economy where Tech-as-a-Service (TaaS) is the trending model. It is a highly flexible solution where customers leverage technology solutions and services on a subscription basis that remains scalable to match business needs. So, for example, if you need a tech expert to be deployed at the client’s site to handle overseas business requirements and you lack the necessary expertise in-house, you can take services of professional services consultants who will find suitable applicants matching your needs within a short timeframe.


Let’s see how professional services consultants can benefit your company.


Cost-effective: Professional consulting solution is a profitable strategy that helps you to gain access to an immense pool of expertise at affordable pricing models. Permanent recruitment is an expensive affair as it involves costs right from recruitment, onboarding, training, and retention of the employees. However, PSOs allow you to harness the expertise of specialists without worrying about additional costs.


Practical expertise: Another advantage of signing up for PSO services is that you gain access to an advanced tech environment that only professionals can deliver. These experts are masters of their field with enough industry experience and strong tech understanding, thus minimizing the likelihood of failures in any project.


Easy adoption of disruptive tech: In the era of technological breakthroughs, your business can’t afford to stay behind by turning its back on disruptive technologies, whereas at the same time, it is straightway challenging to commit resources to take the business ahead on these lines. PSOs offer you a mid-way where you can strike a balance by taking services from professional consultants who can help your business to implement artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud, and significant data capabilities.


Sustainable approach: Sustainability is a new goal for modern businesses. PSOs ensure that their clients can accomplish this goal while paying through an optimal pricing model. Taking assistance from professional services firms is a guarantee that the right type of talent is available when needed without delays, thus improving the bottom line of the business and making it viable for the coming years.


Scalable: Undoubtedly, scalability is the prime feature of subscription-based models. Businesses can any time upscale or downscale their workforce as per the strategic requirements. Many PSOs offer subscription-based pricing that involves paying till the point service is used, thus making it flexible and more straightforward than ever for clients.


Capabilities of Professional Services Organizations


The demand for technological upgrades in business has created a groundbreaking shake-up for PSOs. With a massive requirement of sophisticated professionals in multiple IT domains and also experts who specialize in SAP, Oracle, NetSuite products, PSOs are aggressively working to enhance their capabilities to meet ever-rising client expectations.

To meet the ends, professional services firms employ Project Management Professionals (PMP), who are certified to handle projects right from initiating to closing the project while adhering to standards. They build their capacity by employing strategies like talent management, flexible service models, rigorous networking, commitment to corporate guidelines, and professional consultation.

Professional services firms offer comprehensive consulting solutions under fixed service level agreements. The clients get support in determining the scope of the budget, project limitations, and resource deployment while ensuring that the project is completed within the stipulated time-frame.


Types of services offered/projects managed by Professional Services Organizations


PSOs are primarily tech experts who extend their support in IT and allied domains helping businesses to come in the mainstream by embedding emerging technologies in their strategic business model. Some of them are:

Oracle implementation

Hadoop and Big Data experts

Oracle (DBA) Database administration services

Software upgrades and implementation

Technology upgrades

End-to-end full-scale project implementation

Platform consultation

Cloud migration services

Big Data consulting

Customized solutions

Cross-functional teams of IT experts and consultants


Find the best Professional Services Organization in 2020


A professional services organization is your reliable partner that infuses technical competence and strategic value for the success of your turnkey projects. Katalyst Technologies is an IT solutions provider enabling clients to embrace advanced tech driven solutions in their business model. Along with, we are a professional services company with proficiency in providing experts in Oracle R12, 11g, and 11i implementations who handle end-to-end solutions, leveraging technologies like Hadoop, Hbase, Pig, and Presto. Our strategic recruiting team specializes in sourcing the right talent as per the clients’ project needs.

Connect with our experts to explore how you can stay ahead of the competition in 2020 while meeting stakeholders’ expectations and implementing rapid technology developments.


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