Adobe analytics for dummies

Jun 5


Neeraj Dimri

Neeraj Dimri

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Adobe analytics for dummies will tell you all basics of adobe analytics.most of us are not aware with this adobe analytics .This article will provide a summary about adobe analytics.


Adobe analytics for dummies will tell you all basics of adobe analytics. You have heard of google analytics but most of us don’t know about the adobe analytics. It was initially developed by the omniture which was then acquired by the adobe in 2009.

As the use of internet is increasing the global market of the data analytics is getting more competitive. Many small firm also want to enter in this competition like google,Adobe analytics for dummies Articles IBM, adobe.

While having a good competition in the global market than also google dominate the market as it has around 56 % of the total.

In 2012 adobe retire the name omniture name from the products and integrated it into adobe.

Adobe analytics is service which is used to track and reports of the website traffic. It is a tool which is similar to the google analytic 360.

Adobe analytics will help you to gather, analyze the data and accordingly act upon it to improve the effectiveness of your products.

It gather all the data from different web analytics tools that have been available from the adobe, combines it and show it to the user according to the need.

Google analytics Vs Adobe analytics

This is the most common question which rise in everyone’s mind.

Let’s get started firstly adobe analytics implementation is little difficult as it requires some technical knowledge on the other hand google analytics implementation is easy comparison to the adobe.

In google the third party integration works good with data analysis while adobe analytics tools is improving or we can say working on this segment to get seamless integration .

The dashboard of the google analytics is easier to customize but it is harder for sharing the report or charts with other users, while on the other hand adobe analytics is easier to share the data like charts or reports to the other users.

Google analytics is free tool for the first 10 million hits after that you have to pay $150,000 annually but adobe analytics price around $100,000 annually and it can be more for higher for those website which are getting more hits.

Google analytics allows “real time” data of the user who are visiting the website at this moment ,what is the sources of the traffic ,there geographical location and also what content they are viewing at this moment. Adobe analytics offers “current data” which provide low latency of real time reporting. This “current data” in adobe analytics will allow the user to view nearly real time traffic with the delay of around 20 min .

Google analytics is good for the basics web analytics but if you want advance analytics than you can go for the adobe analytics.

Google analytics is unable to capture the personal information of the visitor while adobe can store the information of the visitors.

 Log in to Adobe Analytics

 To log in to Adobe Analytics

  • Click on Setup than on Application Setup.
  • In the left panel, under Application Setup, click on Adobe Analytics.
  • In the Adobe Analytics Configuration screen, click Adobe Analytics Login.
  • In the Login box, enter your company name, user name, and password.
  • Click 
  • Choose a report suite, then click OK to generate the report.

 What tool is better google analytics or adobe analytics?

As we know that both the tools are used for the same purpose and by using any of the tools we can improvise our website for more traffic.

According to me if you are new or just started your website than you should go for the google analytics as it is free to use and easy to understand, google analytics don’t require any technical knowledge to use.

If you are advance user and want to explore more analytics tools and also has a good earning than you should go for the adobe analytics.

If you want to do some complex level of data tracking adobe is the good option for this as it is easy to do complex level of data tracking.