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Apr 20


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Do you sell any service product? How well do you understand your customers? You might easily say that you know what your customers need. However, it is quite difficult to find out your customers needs practically.

How Does Adobe Experience Cloud Help to Improve Customer Experience Management?

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Do you sell any service product? How well do you understand your customers? You might easily say that you know what your customers need. However,Adobe cloud solutions, Articles it is quite difficult to find out your customers needs practically. Can you get a critical insight on people who never spend over a fraction of their time with you? Is it possible for you to customize your products and services matching their preferences, interests and behaviors?

The Adobe Experience Cloud was unveiled in March 2017 and is developed to get solutions on the above queries. It brings Adobe Advertising Cloud, Adobe Analytics Cloud and Adobe Marketing Cloud at one place building a convenient platform. You get a centralized platform for campaign creation and management, intelligence gathering, advertising activity and significantly know the way they all feed into each other.

Thinking about why this matters? The answer is here:

Today, while living in the world of digitalization our relationships with customers are determined by data, devices and disruption. No doubt technology has enhanced our capabilities but it has also enhanced the customer expectations.

The result of this is that more businesses similar to yours. They expect an even, personalized and reliable digital experience across all the platforms. If you meet these expectations, you will easily earn long-term customer relationships. If you don’t meet these requirements, you will struggle.

Today’s customer wants you to be available at all the places. Customer expectations are best met with Adobe Experience Cloud. It can be used by businesses with different niche such as finance, retail, technology, travel, hospitality, and so on. It is the best platform for delivering personalized marketing and amazing experiences to customers across all hooks.

Understanding the Components of Adobe Experience Cloud

1. Adobe Analytics Cloud

Adobe Analytics Cloud helps companies to recognize the behavioral and interaction data, get insights and then segment the data. All this data is organized centrally in the company and is used to forecast business development and is the only real information. Additionally, Analytics Cloud tools help to target and conversion measurements.

2. Adobe Advertising Cloud

Another component of customer experience management is branding and customer acquisition. The Adobe Advertisement Cloud also enables optimized, programmatic “ad purchasing” on all the platforms and also helps to find target groups and boost reach. This comprises of advertising procedures and campaigns in the field of display, paid search, social or TV.

3. Adobe Marketing Cloud

When companies catch the eye of customers, they need to keep them engaged. This requires experience management. Companies can interact with the customers via several contact options such as mobile, web, social or email and speak to them with a single voice – a consistent message across all channels. Whether the customers are from the B2C or B2B, it doesn’t matter. Adobe comes with a potent content management system and an integrated solution for marketing automation.

4. Adobe Commerce Cloud

Once the above process is done, your business has already won a customer and he/she is interested in your business. The Adobe Commerce Cloud helps in managing the order, may it be B2C, B2B or B2B2C. It can be a transaction of shopping cart or signing of a contract. The outlook becomes a customer and the post-sales activities can be started to maintain a long-term customer relationship.

With these four pillars, the gap between data and content as well as the different points of contact with the customer gets filled.  


As per the current analysis done by Gartner and Forrester, market research companies, the Adobe Experience Cloud leads in terms of customer experience management. Of course the individual solutions, such as Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics or Adobe Campaign, are leaders in their respective categories. It doesn’t matter as a platform or a “point solution”, Adobe is highly recommended for digital marketing companies.