3 Religious Icons of Munich

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Ready to explore Munich’s religious icons? Shuttle Direct’s Lukas Johannes has three insider tips, and even knows what Munich transfer is best!

Imagine strolling along the River Isar and enjoying a breathtaking view of the Alps. Sounds tempting,Guest Posting right? If you’re seeking a scenic holiday, discovering Munich, the largest city in Bavaria, should be right at the top of your bucket list.

However, while you may think that enjoying the city’s stunning landscape and eating Bratwurst and Strudel can only tickle your fancy for a weekend, think again: the city is also home to several architectural wonders, many of which are religious icons. On your next holiday to Munich, you’ll definitely want to leave enough time to explore these awe-inspiring edifices. To give you a sense of what cultural gems Munich has to offer, take a look at my favourite three churches. 

Church of St. Peter on the Petersbergl

If you’re a culture enthusiast, there’s simply no excuse for not visiting the Church of St. Peter, which is Munich’s oldest parish church. While the site of the church was originally dedicated to pre-Merovingian worship around the eighth century, it became a Bavarian-Romanesque building in the late twelfth century, and then a Gothic church in the fourteenth century.

Tourists are highly encouraged to explore the interior of the church, whose ceiling is covered with a stunning fresco by Johann Baptist Zimmerman. If you’re able and willing to climb 299 steps, it’s also worth taking the trek up St. John’s steeple, from where you’ll enjoy jaw-dropping views of Munich.

Cathedral Church of Our Lady (‘Frauenkirche’) in the Old Town

With fifteenth-century towers as high as 99 metres, the red-brick Frauenkirche is easy to pick out in the city’s picturesque skyline. In fact, no building in Munich is allowed to draw attention away from the Frauenkirche, which is why no other structure is as tall and imposing as the cathedral’s towers. If you have climbed St. Peter’s (mentioned above), be sure to hydrate and grab a light lunch before you set off for your next adventure: ascending the south tower of the Frauenkirche! In a city as magnificent as Munich, you simply won’t be able to get enough of its skyline.

Asamkirche in the Sendlinger Strasse

Originally a private church, which was built by the brothers Egid and Cosmas Asam, this eighteenth-century construction is nothing short of miraculous. With its awe-inspiring Baroque-style exterior and a ceiling fresco that was created by Cosmas himself, both the outside and the inside of the church are impressive contributions to Munich’s cultural scene. Upon viewing the Asamkirche, you’ll surely wonder why the brothers ever opened it to the public!

How to Get There

Before marvelling at Munich’s religious icons, you’ll marvel at how easy it is to reach the city. From London, it’s most practical to fly into Munich’s international airport, which doesn’t even take two hours. With five airlines that offer regular and direct flights from London to Munich, you can choose what day, time, and budget are best for you.

If you’re determined to make every aspect of your holiday phenomenal, choosing a public, overcrowded Munich transfer from the airport to your hotel is not in your best interest. Instead, I highly recommend that you pre-book a private or shared ride with Shuttle Direct, whose friendly and experienced drivers (like me!) will help you with your luggage, ensure your safety, and offer dependable door-to-door service. Shuttle Direct’s Munich transfers guarantee the quickest and most comfortable start to your holiday.

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