6 Stunning Places to Visit in Goa

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Goa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Situated between the Sahyadri range of the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea on the West Coast of India, Goa is without doubt India’s West Coast paradise and it attracts a large number of both domestic and International tourists every year. 

6 Stunning Places to Visit in Goa


With its stunning beaches,Guest Posting azure waters, world heritage sites, spectacular landscapes and happening nightlife, Goa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Goa is India’s smallest state located in the Konkan region and also India's richest state with the highest GDP per capita. Situated between the Sahyadri range of the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea on the West Coast of India, Goa is without doubt India’s West Coast paradise and it attracts a large number of both domestic and International tourists every year. There are many popular places to visit in Goa along with its famed beaches. Aguada Fort, Baga Beach, Calangute Beach, Se Cathedral, Basilica of Bom Jesus and Chapora Fort are some popular places to experience Goa Tourism at its best.


Trawell.in brings you the list of 6 best Goa Tourist Places here.


Aguada Fort


Aguada Fort is a well-preserved 17-century Portuguese fort located in North Goa. Built by the Portuguese colonial rulers, Aguada Fort is one of the prominent Goa tourist places. This grand fort was built to prevent the entry of ships into the River Mandovi thus protecting old Goa from the attacks of Dutch and Marathas. The fort was surrounded by thick battlements and a deep dry moat. A 13 m high lighthouse and a vaulted cistern capable of storing ten million liters of fresh water are worth visiting inside the fort complex. From here the fresh water was supplied to the ships that used to stop by. The fort boasts of the first ever light house in Asia. Some buildings of the fort are still in good shape having been converted into a jail and it happens to be the largest jail in Goa.


Baga Beach


Baga Beach is one of the stunning Goa beaches situated between Anjuna Beach and Calangute Beach. Named after the 'Baga creek' which flows into the Arabian Sea, this is one of the most famous beaches in Goa and among the must visit places in Goa. Known for its beach parties, nightlife and amazing seafood served at the beach shacks and restaurants, Baga Beach is one of the most happening beaches in India. Though the sea here is not safe for swimming but it is famous for water sports like parasailing, water skiing, windsurfing, snorkeling, kayaking and much more. Known for its spectacular sunsets and fishing, the beach is also great for long leisure walks.


Basilica of Bom Jesus

Famous throughout the Roman Catholic world, the imposing Basilica of Bom Jesus in Goa contains the mortal remains of Goa’s patron saint Francis Xavier, who died on a sea voyage to China in 1552 CE.  Considered as the first minor Basilica in India, it is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the top places to experience Goa Tourism. Also known as St. Francis Xavier’s Tomb, the imposing facade of the church, built out of black granite in an exquisite combination of the Doric, Corinthian and composite styles, is remarkable for its simplicity.  There are paintings of events from the life of St. Francis Xavier. Once every 10 years, the body is allowed to be viewed by the people who visit this holy place.The place attracts a huge crowd during the feast of St. Francis Xavier, a nine-day devotional novena held on 3rd December every year.


Calangute Beach


One of the most popular Goa Beaches and also the largest beach in North Goa, Calangute Beach is among the most recommended places to visit in Goa. Known as 'Queen of Beaches' in Goa, it is one of the stunning beaches and is popular with both domestic and international tourists. Located between Baga and Candolim beaches, it offers a 4-mile long coastline with an amazing view of the sea and the beach front is dotted shacks, restaurants, clubs and shopping outlets. One can experience some of the popular water sports activities like Parasailing, water surfing, banana ride and jet-ski at Calangute Beach.  It is also the busiest and commercialized beaches in Goa and during peak seasons, this beach is swamped with people from all over the world.


Se Cathedral

Se Cathedral, considered to be one of the largest churches in Asia, is situated in Old Goa and is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site under Churches & Convents of Goa. This is the oldest and the most celebrated religious buildings in Goa and has the prestige of being the seat of Archdiocese of Goa. Se Cathedral is dedicated to St. Catherine of Alexandria on whose feast day in 1510 Alfonso Albuquerque defeated the Muslim army and took possession of the city of Goa.


It has an arched interior and beautiful courtyard that impress the visitors with its absolute grandeur. The main attractions of the Cathedral are the 15 altars, which are dedicated to Our Lady of Three Needs, Our Lady of Anguish or Our Lady of Hope. The grand altar is highly ornate and is dedicated to St. Catherine of Alexandria. It is said that a vision of Christ had emerged on the Miraculous cross in 1919 and that the cross is growing in size. The bell in the existing tower is often referred to as the Golden Bell. The tower on the Southern side collapsed in 1776 and it was never rebuilt. The cathedral has five bells of which there is an eminent Golden bell.


Chapora Fort


Chapora Fort is one of the beautiful forts in Goa. Situated close to Vagator Beach, it is one of the popular Goa tourist places. Popular as the place where the Bollywood film “Dil Chahta Hai” was picturized, the Chapora fort stands at the mouth of the Chapora River as an old guard. Built with red laterite stones, the fort has steep slopes on all the sides and stands on an area which has an irregular outer plan. This massive fort was constructed by the king of Bijapur, Adil Shah in order to keep a watch on Hindu raiders who wanted to set up their territory in Goa. Known for its spectacular views and sunset vistas, the fort is a popular spot for tourists to visit especially in the evenings. The path to the Fort from the parking area is filling with red laterite stones and is slippery.  One can have a spectacular view of Vagator and Anjuna Beaches from Chapora Fort.














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