A Guide To Rajaji National Park

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Rajaji National Park is the famous tourist spot in Dehradun for animal and nature lovers. If you are exploring down the Dehradun then you should visit this place to see nature's amazing beauty.

Rich in biodiversity and scenic beauty,Guest Posting Rajaji National Park is a famous place. The place is a paradise for wildlife lovers and humans obsessed by natural beauty. The park is home to many elephants, deer, ghorals, leopards, and tigers. This national park is a blend of three distinguishing sanctuaries namely Motichur, Chila and Rajaji in Uttarakhand, Shivaliks. Constructed in the year 1983, the place is named after the renowned freedom fighter Late Shri C. Rajgopalachari hence the name Rajaji.


Rajaji National Park's are is the North Western limit of Asian elephants, with an area of 820.42 sq km. The place is a spectacular ecosystem of flora and fauna nestled in the Shivalik ranges. This magnificent ecosystem represents a vegetation of several distinct zones and various forest like sal forest, riverine forest, broad-leaved mixed forest, scrubland and bushy interiors. The park houses a number of 23 species of mammals and 315 plus species of birds. 


It's wide variety of bounties and dense meadows is what attracts many travelers, foreigners and a huge number of wildlife conservationists. Even the nature lovers and eco friends are seen to explore the vast area of this breathtakingly beautiful park.


Location:  5/1, Ansari Road, Mohand Range, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001


Further Details


Timings: Rajaji National Park safari timings follow a strict schedule. So if you wish to explore the beauty of this magnificent national park you must adhere to it's timings. 


The opening and closing of this park is directly proportional to the timings of sunset and sunrise. 


Morning hours of this park are from 6 Am to 9 Am

Evening hours of this park are from 3 Pm to 6 Pm 


Tickets And Entries in Rajaji National Park 


All those who wish to explore the recognized national park need entry tickets in order to take a stroll inside the premises of this park. You can easily avail the tickets from any of the entrances to the park. 


Cost Of Tickets: 

The cost of permits for the Indians: INR 150 per person( for three hours) 


The cost of permits for foreigners: INR 600 per person ( for three hours) 


All those who wish to enjoy a ride in gypsy must purchase the ticket to that and relish the wave of extravaganza inside. 


Cost of Gypsy: INR 2000 from the park gate.


If you are traveling through a private vehicle then there are applicable surcharges


Vehicle Entry Charge: INR 250 (for the Indians) 

Vehicle Entry Charge: INR 500 (for foreigners) 


You must hire a guide if you are interested in gathering details and facts about Rajaji National Park. A guide will provide you with all the needed information. Especially the history lovers should hire a guide to discover some interesting facts with correct details. 


The cost of guide: INR 600 (if you need a general guide) 

However if you wish to hire an experienced guide who has information about bits and wildlife then you must hire the experience guide. 


Cost of experienced guide: INR 1000- INR 1500 


Some Miscellaneous Information 


  • Rajaji National Park has applicable charges for those carrying cameras and vehicle.
  • Student discounts is only applicable if it is a certified educational tour from any recognized institution. 
  • Children above the age of 3 years are charged for the entry tickets in this national park. 
  • A local guide is mandatory with every vehicle with applicable surcharge of INR 300.
  • Cameras are free for Indians however cost of INR 50 is applicable for the foreigners.
  • Try to book the gypsies in advance to avoid the last minute hassles and extra charges. 
  • If you book the gypsies in advance then there are higher chances of you to avail a huge discount. 
  • The drive is 3 hour long and the pathway is highly undulating and you will be witnessing river beds and rocky track. 
  • Wear comfortbale clothing because the sun shines too brightly here. 
  • Carry some munchies, chilled waterbottles or pack of soft drinks, juices because you will be thursty after every 20-30 minutes. 
  • Plan your visit according to the suitable timings and favourable months. 
  • Do not carry speakers and keep your phones on silent mode throughout the 3 hour long ride. 


Best Time To Visit


The most preferred time to visit Rajaji National Park is between the months falling under December to May. As the park is closed in the rest of the months. The months April to June are a bit warm however this is the only best time to spot the animlas. 


Visit Rajaji National Park with your cronies and family members and relish a ride amidst the diverse species and natural beauty. If you are a nature lover then a trip to this popular national park is a mandatory. Try planning the trip during the listed best time and adhere to the entry timings if you really wish to witness the creatures inside. 

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