A Soul Searching Sojourn In Auroville

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Since Auroville is a short drive from Pondicherry, we reached there in an hour, and the spirituality and inalienable experience we gained is something I cannot express in words.

Even after being born and brought up in Pondicherry,Guest Posting I never had the opportunity to visit Auroville until now. So when my friends decided to plan a visit to this spiritual place, I was more than excited about this soul-searching experience.

It was last year, December, during a long weekend break, we booked a reliable Pondicherry car rental and headed straight to visit this paradisiacal township persisting regally for years. Since Auroville is a short drive from Pondicherry, we reached there in an hour, and the spirituality and inalienable experience we gained is something I cannot express in words.

Auroville: A magical soul-searching experience

Auroville is a prominent township constructed in 1968 to commemorate the empathy towards other Aurovilians, compassion, and solidarity that residents of this marvellous township have believed in for a long time. Moreover, for all first-time visitors like me, Auroville is unquestionably a magical experience that takes us to a world where there is no jealousy, competition, or other vices. Here, one can glimpse what the world truly should be like, and that will undoubtedly change us as a person.

Top attractions of Auroville

Here are some of the top places we visited during our spiritual trip to Auroville.

●       Matrimandir

Famously known as the Mother's temple, Matrimandir is the heart of Auroville city. Upon reaching this temple and learning about its history here from the locals, we found out that this Matrimandir temple belongs to no religion, and individuals of all religions and cultures can meditate and find respite here.

The area where the Matrimandir is situated is known as the Peace area. This area, embraced by 12 petals like structure, exudes positive energy and tranquillity and makes people relax to connect with their inner energies.

●       Savitri Bhawan

It was around 2 in the afternoon when we visited the magnificent Savitri Bhawan. Devoted to Mirra Alfassa and Sri Aurobindo, Savitri Bhawan in Auroville facilitates the teachings of Savitri, a fable and a symbol.

Savitri is one of the most well-known pieces of Sri Aurobindo, and in this text, he has authored about a world where harmony and compassion exist. Savitri Bhawan is open to all visitors who believe in the ideas of Sri Aurobindo that he has depicted in this folklore. We further explored the picture gallery featuring gorgeous paintings from Aurobindo's poetry collection, which made us gape in amazement.

●       Sadhana Forest

Auroville is renowned for its cultural diversity and the extensive area of forested lands, among which Sadhana forest is the most prominent one. During our trip to this verdant forest, we witnessed various intern programs run in the area and learned about the significance of plants and the repercussions of deforestation.

●       Vérité Learning Centre

The last place on our Auroville travel list was the famous Vérité learning centre, undoubtedly a haven for all meditation lovers like me. Known as one of the ideal places to attend various classes of Vinyasa Yoga, meditation, Somatic Movements, Nia, Hatha Yoga, and Pilates, Verite Learning Centre gives us an insight into ourselves and what will soothe our soul and mind.

Healing sessions, cultural events, and treatments organised at this centre are the prime highlights that focus on personal growth, self-expression, sustainability, health, education, and art.

Auroville is a mystical city with soul-soothing vibes beyond the materialistic world. So if you are planning to visit Tamil Nadu anytime soon, book a car rental in Chennai and embark on this remarkable spiritual journey. 

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