Adventurous winter tourism of Ladakh

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he famous Siacen Glacier which lies over Pakistan and India becomes tougher to access due to the altitude. Ice- Hockey is one of the most popular games played in Ladakh.

Ladakh tourism has seen a remarkable growth during the last few years. Not only foreign tourists,Guest Posting but, domestic tourists also enjoy coming at this place. However, this tourist season is limited into the two months festive season which is known as Hemis festival which is held in the months of July and August. The tourism department of the state commences Ladakh festival from September to October which is one of the most popular events apart from Indus festival which is held in June and is one of the major domestic tourists’ puller events. In spite of these events, the duration for which tourist traffic stay is limited to around 100 days which is from mid of June to mid of September. 
The heavy snowfall interrupts the ground connection of Ladakh with outer world for around six months.

Ladakh is hard to access not only due to natural but political reasons. The two access line, Leh-Lahasa and Kargil-Skardu via Demchok are presently closed for all kinds of traffic. Winter is the cruelest season which proves to be a hard time for local people of Ladakh. T

Summer season attracts tourists for trekking activities and Stok Kangiri is one of the famous peaks for this activity. It is very difficult to trek on Ladakh Mountains during winters. Another activity which is accepted in Ladakh is winter trek on the frozen river from Karsha to Nimo.
Ski-Mountaineering is another attraction in Ladakh to attract tourists during winter season. Gulmarg and Leh are two destinations which attracts tourists during winter season.

Going to Ladakh during winter season could be tough but enjoyable. However, the natural circumstances do not make it a comfortable trip but it should be taken as adventure trips. Hotels are available in Leh and tourist can relax in those heated rooms. Every possible rescue facility is available for tourists who come for adventure trips. Just a few more steps in tourist’s interest could make Ladakh a more favorable place for them.

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