Airline Parody Videos Result in Firing

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American Airlines which is currently in bankruptcy remains committed to offering cheap airplane tickets and cheap vacation packages does not appear to have much of a sense of humor. 

American has fired one of its flight attendants who posted YouTube videos poking fun at American management.

Gailen David,Guest Posting an employee of American Airlines for the past 24 years, dressed in drag as the “Aluminum Lady” in several videos that address American’s financial problems.  The videos have become quite popular, receiving tens of thousands of views.

David also has put up a website named “dearskysteward” where guests can view the videos as well as articles concerning American Airline gossip and airplane etiquette.

American claims that David has published private details of American Airlines fliers and promoted American competitors on his website.  American “counseled” David last year “about the serious nature of both passenger privacy and conflict-of-interest violations.”  He continued to fail to adhere to company policies, according to American which pointed out “We take our passengers’ privacy seriously and will not allow employees to violate that trust.”

David is convinced that he was fired because of the videos which he says his bosses demanded be taken down. 

He claims that he wants American Airlines to succeed but that today the airline is not putting customers first and the airline is not keeping up with competition.

David plans on appealing his termination and continuing to speak out about the American.

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