Airports Becoming More Kid-Friendly

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While it is great to fly on cheap airplane tickets, stay at discount hotel rooms or purchase cheap vacation packages, sometimes it can be challenging keeping children occupied while waiting at an airport.

Fortunately,Guest Posting airports have figured out that by giving kids a place to run around translates into having happier and calmer children flying which in turns means happier passengers overall.

30 major U.S. airports have, or will soon have, play areas.  Some airlines have installed play spaces within their own terminals. 

Airports have found that families traveling with children are spending more time at the airport and are looking for ways to enhance their experiences, whether with art displays, game rooms, DVD kiosks or play areas.

The following are a few examples of how airports are catering to children:

·      San Francisco International Airport offers three play spaces, two in Terminal 2 which feature child sized rocking chairs and interesting art work that doubles as musical instruments.

·      Los Angeles International Airport is building several play areas in its new terminal which is scheduled to open in phases by the end of 2012.

·      O’Hare International Airport offers two play areas that were designed by the Chicago Children’s Museum.  One is a 2,200 square foot space that includes a two story air traffic control tower, a cockpit, and cargo hold, as well as luggage ready to load.

·      Seattle-Tacoma International Airport offers a play area with soft, aviation themed equipment as well as a private room for nursing.

Experts have found that fun/interesting play areas are an ideal way for kids to burn up energy before boarding a plane as well as keeping kids away from business travelers who want a quiet place to relax.

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