Bermuda: The Honeymooners’ Paradise

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If you’re looking for a romantic yet adventure-filled location for your honeymoon, Bermuda has to be on top of your list.

If you’re spending days and weeks planning the most important day in your lives – your wedding day – remember to also take time to think about another great occasion: your honeymoon.

There are so many romantic locations to choose from here in the UK or across Europe. But why not go one step further and consider Bermuda?

Bermuda holidays have been popular with travellers for years. But a Bermuda honeymoon is a true romantic paradise. With sun,Guest Posting sea, and sand, Bermuda has everything you need for the ultimate lovers’ escape.

Bermuda – Blue Sea, Blue Skies and Pink Beaches

Bermuda holidays and honeymoons have everything that’s needed to make any occasion unforgettable. But “pink beaches”, really?

Well yes – pink beaches, over 34 of them to be exact, stretching along 75 kilometres of ever-changing countryside. And on all of them, the sand is pink. In total there are 365 sandy beaches on these lovely islands - one for each day of the year!

So why pink? The answer can be found in the coral reefs that surround the island. Under the reefs, tiny red creatures live and die, their remains sinking to the ocean floor where ocean currents slowly sweep them onto the beaches of Bermuda. There, over time, their reddish remains mix in with regular sand, shells and coral. The end result? Pink sand.

The pinkest sand is found closest to the sea on the South shore. This is because wave action and wind are constantly moving the sand further up the beach. As a result, the red pigments begin to fade and with them, the pink sand slowly reverts to its natural yellow. Closest to the water line, the organisms are “fresh” from the sea and their colouring is at its strongest, so the sand is pinker.

If you want to bring back some pink sand as a souvenir, please don’t take any from the beach. Buy a small bottle from one of souvenir shops you’ll find everywhere.

Horseshoe Bay Beach

This beach is one of the island’s most popular spots. It has all the facilities you’d expect from a beach of this calibre – bars, coffee shops, toilets and showers nearby. It’s a popular location for couples on Bermuda holidays and can get a bit crowded. But if you want some privacy, walk to the eastern end of the beach where you’ll find some quieter, secluded spots.

Hogs Head Bay Beach

If Horseshoe Head is popular and crowded, Hogs Head Beach is off the beaten track and offers you almost total privacy. Take into account that the beach is only accessible when the tide is out and that getting there involves a longer but pleasant walk.

Jobson’s Cove

Another secluded location perfect for the honeymooning couple. No facilities, but the huge cliffs surrounding you make a stunning backdrop for a day on the beach.

Elbow Beach

Elbow Beach gets its name from its shape. A small part of the beach is private and belongs to one of the island’s classic hotels. The water is calm so if you and your partner want to try snorkelling and exploring the reefs and the shipwreck (yes, there’s a shipwreck but no sunken treasure - sorry) you’re in the right place.

Wherever you decide to honeymoon, we wish you all the happiness in the world and a great life together.

When it comes to enjoying your just-married bliss, there’s no better setting than this sun-drenched island. With sea, sun, sand – and your soul mate! – you just can’t get any closer to paradise.

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