Best of the Checked off Sydney Points of Interest

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Try visiting Sydney on your next holiday. Explore the best points of interest and tick off as many locations as possible. 


Being the vibrant capital of the state of New South Wales in Australia,Guest Posting Sydney is an amazing destination you can plan your holiday trips around. There are many enthralling places to visit in Sydney. If you are confused about where to go and what to see, then this article will help you sort out your confusion. See the best checked off destinations in Sydney where you are promised the absolute best vibes and Aussie chic. Get along and cross-check if there is anything you missed while planning your upcoming Sydney trip.

Sydney Harbour

Being home to the major signifiers of Australian culture, technology, and innovation, Sydney Harbour can be seen as one of the finest destinations you can stop by. Apart from the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, the quintessential parts of Sydney, there is something that also makes so atypical of Aussie culture, cruising. If you are looking for an extraordinary way to enjoy your moments, then you can consider boarding a lunch cruise, an ideal venue where you are promised the prime views of the harbour attractions with a restaurant-quality dining experience. Enjoy freshly prepared dishes and combine them up with purchasable beverage packages from the fully licensed bars on board. Get aboard the best Sydney Harbour lunch cruise and step into its outer viewing decks to enjoy the ultimate views of the harbour attractions and to feel the warmth of the iconic Sydney skyline and its calm waters.

The Royal Botanic Gardens

If you are a person interested in nature and its study, then there would be no other location better than the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney. Located in Mrs Macquarie road in Sydney, the garden is pretty easy to commute to. It was opened in 1816 and makes one of the oldest scientific institutions in the world itself. Enjoy the best views of thousands of plant specimens as well as a few native wildlife species including noisy birds. The entry is free, which means you need to pay anything to enjoy the refreshing vibes of these botanical gardens located right in the heart of Sydney. In case you haven’t added this breathtaking destination to your ‘go-to’ list, you can add this right now! 

The Queen Victoria Building

Being one of the beautiful architectural structures housed in mainland Australia, the Queen Victoria Building, lovingly known as QVB, is an amazing destination you can add to your Sydney itinerary. It was built in 1898 and its elaborate design was specifically planned in order to employ a large number of workmen when Australia was going through a recession. The building was thus named to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of the long-reigning monarch. With its elaborate Romanesque structure, magnificent domes, pillars, arches and stained-glass panels, it attracts more than a million every year, across the globe. After a walking tour to enjoy the interior, style, and design of this architectural delight, you can come out and explore its equally stunning outer side where there is a bronze statue of Queen Victoria and other similar sculptures. 

Bondi Beach

Being one of Australia’s most popular beach destinations, Bondi Beach is a pretty astonishing location where you can see sand glistens in the sun and waves embracing the vibes. It is identified as one of the finest places where people can go for walking, whale watching, and golfing. Being loved by both locals and visitors, Bondi Beach is always flooded with people who love to swim in the ocean pool all year round. If you are more of a beach person and interested in surfing, then you can head straight to this amazing destination and get into the water to make it a fun experience.           


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