Car Hire in Sydney: Enabling You Explore the Nature’s Bounties of This City

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The sun-kissed, warm-natured and bustling Sydney is located on one of world's most beautiful harbors.

 where the iconic Sydney opera House and the Harbor Bridge are strikingly close to the Mother Nature. While the beauty of the Botany Bay would amuse you,Guest Posting the Bondi beach on the other hand, would keep you engaged in various Beachside activities. In order to keep the memories afresh, you should explore the prominent attractions of the city by driving on your own. Car hire in Sydney is quite popular among the tourists. You should go for it.

Although the city features an array of touristy destinations, the Royal Botanic Gardens are some of the most beautiful landmarks of the metropolis. These parks include the Mount Annan Botanic Garden, the Mount Tomah Botanic Garden and the Royal Botanical Garden. These were founded by the then Governor Bligh in 1816.These parklands are spread across 30 hectares of land, featuring more than 7,500 species of plants. These parks are located at the eastern part of the Sydney Opera House, overlooking Farm Cove.

The popular Art Gallery is located at its southern part. The Royal Botanic is a backyard, featuring natural beauty, where locals as well as tourists come for relaxation, enjoyment and to learn about various plantations of the region. Various kinds of sports and cultural programs are also conducted here. The major highlights include the Herb Garden, the Armillary Sphere & the Sensory Fountain. The Herb enclosure features herbs, used for medicinal, culinary and aromatic purposes. This part of the nursery was opened in 1994. The Armillary Sphere is based on the 225 B.C Egyptian concept. The design represents a hollow Universe, surrounded by rings of herbs.

This design has been adapted from the 17th century sundial and is created by Karin Rumpf. The Sensory Fountain is a bronze sphere, which operates as soon as one approaches. Water starts flowing from the top to the rings of the etched herbs. The parkland also features a Philip's Wall, which was constructed in 1988 with bricks brought from Philip's 17C cottage at Vernal’s Farm, Hampshire. You can also see the statue of Governor Arthur Phillip. It was erected on diamond jubilee celebration in 1915. Various guided tours are available here, which would take on you walking tours, explaining you the significance of these parklands.

The other two gardens; the Mount Annan Botanic Garden and the Mount Tomah Botanic Garden are also equally beautiful and attractive. Rent a car from any Car Rental Sydney and enjoy those amazing attractions.

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