Best Vantage Points to See Vivid Lights 2022

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Wondering where you can head over to witness the best views of Vivid Sydney lights? Discover popular locations and enjoy the Vivid spectacle up-close.


Vivid Sydney,Guest Posting Australia’s brightest and biggest annual festival, is back after two years. The very first Vivid Sydney began in 2009 and over time, it became one of the most intriguing festivals in Sydney. Interested to know more? Well, this article will help you go through some of the best destinations where you can enjoy the best views of Vivid Sydney Lights. Get ready to celebrate this year's Vivid Sydney Festival that starts from 27 May to 18 June.  

From Vivid Cruises at the Harbour

Being home to the iconic Sydney attractions such as the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, Sydney Harbour can be seen as one of the best destinations where you are promised the best views of Vivid lights. For all those who prefer their celebrations and festivities quiet, I doubt, Sydney might not be for you. Vivid Sydney Light Festival can be seen as one of the biggest festivals of its kind in the world. Enjoy the best views of the light display and installations on one of the sought-after 2022 Vivid Sydney cruises on offer, that can take you through the harbour attractions to enjoy the whole spectacular display up close. From a premium glass boat to an authentic paddlewheeler and a purpose-built catamaran, there are many options you can choose from. It’s a great thing to do and of course, it’s a win-win since most of them come up with freshly prepared dishes and purchasable beverage packages. So if you are looking for a way to celebrate an event like this in a pretty unique way, I think there would be no other better option but to avail the best cruise from Vivid cruise deals.

Customs House at Circular Quay

You might have heard, the popular Customs House in Circular Quay is also one of the best points of interest where you can witness illuminating light artworks. The best known and most respected Australian artists are all set to show a day in the life of Sydney from morning to night in the Customs House. If you can reach out to the destination, I’m pretty sure that you will be dazzled enjoying the views of Vivid lights. Never miss out on your camera where you can click stunning shots of spectacular artworks displayed on a large and colourful scale. See how Sydney is bursting to life in joyful animations projecting onto the facade of Customs House. Being one of the best destinations from where we can see the best views of Sydney Harbour, Circular Quay is an unmissable stop to witness Vivid lights. 

The Goods Line Tunnel

The Goods Line is a partly elevated urban walking trail that starts at the end of the Devonshire Street Tunnel to Darling Harbour. Tunnels popularly represented as portals to the other worlds is an amazing space where we stumble upon never knowing circumstances and encounter what or who awaits on the other side. When this year’s Vivid Sydney Festival unfold the ‘Soul of the City’ through contemporary and innovative works, it is certain that you will be truly astonished by the fact of just being there. It would be helpful if you can do some research before getting to the destination. Because it is the old glamour and history is what will reawaken during this year’s Vivid Sydney Festival. In case you are desperate to know more about the destination, let me help you with some information. The tunnel was opened in 1855 as part of the first freight rail system. It was mainly used to transport wool, meat, and wheat from Dulwich Hill to Sydney Central. After almost 40 years of disuse, this mesmerising destination will get back to its glory with a large scale laser installation in Vivid Sydney.        


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