Business Visa Application Requirements for a Russian Visa

Feb 4


Get a Russian Visa

Get a Russian Visa

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You must provide your actual signed passport. Your passport must: Contain a minimum of one blank visa page for single entry; two blank visa pages for dual or multiple entry visas. Amendments and endorsement pages can't be wont to fulfill this requirement.

  1. Passport


You must provide your actual signed passport. Your passport must:


  • Contain a minimum of one blank visa page for single entry; two blank visa pages for dual or multiple entry visas. Amendments and endorsement pages can't be wont to fulfill this requirement.


  • Be valid for 6 months beyond the validity of your requested visa

If your passport doesn't meet the above requirements, Business Visa Application Requirements for a Russian Visa Articles please contact Get a Russian Visa at (650) 441-4376 for further details.


  1. Photographs


You must provide one color, passport-type photograph that meets the subsequent criteria:


  • Be taken within the last three months and printed on high-quality photo paper


  • Be taken against an all-white background


  • Be two inches by two inches


  • Provide the complete frontal view of your head together with your face centered within the middle and displaying a neutral (non-smiling) expression


  • You may wear neither eyeglasses nor headwear apart from religious purposes


  • Your photo shouldn't be affixed to your application and it's going to not display evidence of tape or staples.


  1. Russia Business Invitation


You must obtain a Russian Business Invitation to visit Russia. Get a Russian Visa can obtain a Russian Business Invitation on your behalf. Consult the shape during this application kit for more information about this useful service.


If you've got secured your own invitation from the Russian government, you would like to send us the first. Copies aren't accepted by the consulate. The requirement to supply original invitation is waived if it's issued electronically.


If you've got secured your own Telex then you want to apply for your Russia Business visa within the city where the Telex is approved. That city could also be different than the town where you've got been directed to processes your visa. If you're unsure about the Telex please contact Get a Russian Visa for further directions.


If you obtain your own letter from your host company (also referred to as an immediate Invitation) in Russia, the document could also be a replica if it follows the subsequent structure exactly. The letter must:


  • Be written in Russian on company letterhead paper and possess a corporation seal


  • Include the host organization's full name, complete address, the primary and surname of the person signing the statement, patronymic, and therefore the taxpayer number if the host organization may be a legal entity or enterprise


  • Request a 36-month multiple entry visa, list the applicant's full name, date of birth, citizenship, gender, passport number, number of entries sought, the purpose of visit Russia, requested period of your time in Russia, the address of where the applicant will stay, and therefore the cities to be visited


  • Must state the exact start and end dates of the three-year visa (for example Dec. 1, 2020-Nov. 30, 2023)


  • Display the Russian company's "INN number" (tax ID number)


  • Be signed by the director of the corporate, stamped, dated, and show the complete name and job title of the signer


Direct invitation for 3 years is for U.S. citizens only and maybe for general business purposes only and cannot be used for Employment, Study, and Religious, Crew or Technical service visas.


  1. Visa form


The Russian Consulate requires a visa application completed online. The appliance must be completed online by all travelers and may be found at Get a Russian Visa . com. This application, hosted by the Russian government, may take up to an hour to finish and requires very detailed information. For the Washington DC visa issuing office, select "Visa Application Center VFS (Washington)" within the sink box. Your visa request can't be processed if you are doing not complete the appliance form online. Your completed application must:


  • Provide answers for all fields (handwritten changes aren't accepted)


  • Include your name because it appears in your passport


  • Include the institution or organization in Russia to be visited


  • Display a signature inside the box found directly below the section where we'll attach your photograph. If the visa application is for a minor under the age of 18, the oldsters must sign the appliance


  • Be amid a replica of your Application ID and password


Get a Russian Visa provides a guide to help you in completing the appliance. To access the guide follow this link: Get a Russian Visa or type the address into your browser.


  1. Get a Russian Visa form


Provide the Get a Russian Visa form included during this kit.


  1. Former Russian Nationals Only


You must provide a canopy letter stating the date that you simply renounced your Russian citizenship. The consulate won't issue a visa to former Russian nationals who don't supply this covering letter.


  1. Minors Traveling to Russia


All minors must submit a replica of his or her certificate. Other conditions may apply:

  • If the minor is traveling to Russia with just one parent or without both parents he or she must submit a notarized original letter of consent providing permission from the non-accompanying parent or trustee to visit Russia on the required dates of the trip.


Those signing this letter must provide copies of his or her driver's license and passport information page. To access sample consent letter follow this link: Get a Russian Visa or type the address into your browser


  • If the minor is adopted then you want to submit a replica of the adoption papers additionally to a replica of the certificate


  • If the oldsters already hold a Russian visa then they need to provide a replica of the Russian visa showing validity that covers the minor's travel dates


  • If the oldsters are Russian citizens they need to provide certification of Russian citizenship


  1. Activities in Russia


If you'll not be staying during a hotel, or are engaging in activities aside from business, additional documentation is going to be required. For more details, please contact Get a Russian Visa for more information.


  1. Former Soviet and Ukrainian Citizens


If you were born during a state of the previous Soviet Republic or Ukraine, you want to supply a replica of your Soviet or Ukrainian passport alongside a letter stating once you immigrated to the U.S.


  1. Paper Invitation for Travelers Age 65 and Older


Travelers age 65 and older aren't permitted to secure a Russian Business Invitation Telex. Get a Russian Visa can assist travelers age 65 and older in securing a Russian Business Invitation printed on paper or a Tourist invitation.


  1. Urgent Applications


If you've got an urgent visa application that carries a decent deadline, Get a Russian Visa can assist you to save lots of valuable time and avoid expensive delays. A Get a Russian Visa expert will review all of your documents to certify your application is accurate, complete and prepared for submission. We’ll contact you personally to quickly handle any mistakes ensuring your application is submitted correctly. Visit Get a Russian Visa to find out more about this service.


  1. 3-Year Multiple Entry Option Also Available


Russia offers U.S. nationals the chance to use for 3-year multiple entry visas. To be eligible for consideration, the traveler must have a passport valid for a minimum of three and a half years beyond the date of first entry into Russia with a minimum of two blank pages.


Requirements for the 3-Year visa are different. For further information about the way to apply for this visa, return to the Get a Russian Visa website and choose the acceptable 3-Year visa option.


  1. Passport Validation


All applicants, with no exceptions, must validate their passport by their signature. The Embassy of Russia in Washington DC won't issue the visa to an unsigned passport. If you've got requested a replacement or second passport and a Russian visa within the same order, your new passport must be returned to you for signature before it is often submitted to the consulate for the visa process; additional shipping costs are applicable.