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More commonly known as the West Indies,Guest Posting the Caribbean region is a group of islands bordering the Caribbean Sea. The 7,000 islands found in this region are classified and grouped under the heads of sovereign states, dependencies and overseas departments.

The Caribbean is sometimes treated as part of North America, and comprises the Greater Antilles and the Lesser Antilles. Since ancient times, the Caribbean region was notorious for sea pirates.

The place

There are many large and small islands and coves in this region. The most popular Caribbean destinations are Bahamas, Jamaica at Dominican Republic, Aruba, Nassau, San Juan and St. Maarten.

There is more to the Caribbean region than just the soft, sandy beaches. Coconut and palm trees are a common sight on almost all the islands. There is an ancient culture, rich in music and dance. There are wonderful gifts of nature to be enjoyed – gardens, exotic range of flora and fauna, and rich food, too.

You can spend a suitable time visiting the region, based on your area of interest. There are a few extraordinary natural phenomena, like the phosphorescent lake in Vieques, Puerto Rico. Regarding flora, there are some species which grow in unique colors. There are many species of medicinal plants grown for Therapeutic use.

Food and fun

What is a vacation without music and dance? Indeed, the Caribbean people are talented when it comes to setting up new tunes and rhythms. The carnival reflects the people\'s love for music and entertainment. You can hardly resist the temptation to dance upon hearing the music!

Food is an important aspect of a vacation spot. The Caribbean cuisine is no doubt delicious, but it is also heavy, with starchy vegetables, spices and fruits. This might be something to watch out for!

Among the vacation activities, the best option available to you is sailing. You can travel through the islands using either self-propelled boats or crewed yachts. There are a lot of attractions that you can explore and enjoy. There are also small cruise ships available. You can engage in scuba diving to discover the beauty hidden beneath the waters.

There are several good golf courses, though they are sometimes expensive. The Caribbean is an ideal setting for sports, especially water-sports. You can go fishing both in the shallow waters and offshore.

There are rainforests rich in rare flora and fauna. You can go hiking in these forests and experience the adventures.

On the whole, a Caribbean vacation will be something to cherish for a lifetime!

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