Cathay Dupont Travel Warning: Beware of “Travel Awards” Raffle

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Tourism boards from different countries released a statement warning travelers about the fraudulent raffles that giveaway travel awards.


Tourism boards from different countries released a statement warning travelers about the fraudulent raffles that giveaway travel awards.

Certain reports of scam involve winning thousands of dollars’ worth of travel awards. Frequent travelers and people who are planning to go on vacation should be aware of this award before agreeing to take it.

A travel spree you won’t enjoy

According to the complaint,Guest Posting victims received an online pop-up message telling them they have won a thousand worth of travel award. The scam involves getting the personal details of the victims. They are requested to give out their phone number to claim the award. The fraudsters call the numbers of the victim after a few minutes. The people being conned are only given a few minutes to claim the award.

The victims were directed to a website that shows the itinerary for the holiday package they have won. Once the link is clicked, they will be redirected to a form that needs to be filled out. The travel date, airline packages, and other details regarding the travel itinerary should be answered. The victims were deceived to have a chance to go on vacation to Japan, Costa Rica, USA, and other countries.

The criminals behind the fraud take advantage of the situation. They fooled the people to spend another more dollars on airfare and upgrades to accommodation. They also offer other option that goes with the hotel accommodation. However, the rooms that the victims had chosen were not even guaranteed. They even told the victims about the worth of the package they are about to avail. They also disclose other components and options they will be getting with the travel package. It does all sound very good, especially to a naïve traveler. It could have been free, yet, it is too good to be true.

The time for checking out and finalizing the whole process to claim the travel award is the crucial part. The victims were unaware of the amount of money they were losing. The people that were victimized actually spent more than the worth of the travel award they received.

How to avoid scam travel awards?

To prevent this from happening to you, avoid making any transaction that you aren’t sure of. Awards can be enticing especially if it promises to give a certain amount worth of travel perks. However, it is better to review the terms and conditions and other details about the travel grant you have won.

It is also important to be vigilant to help you avoid being tricked online. If it’s possible, do not click the link if you have received a suspicious travel award. If you have already opened the link, do not give out your personal details yet. Checking the details of the offer can help you know the legitimacy and avoid fraud transactions.

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